It is quite clear that Barbara Lee Richardson was simply at the wrong place at the wrong time. A young lady simply lost in a world of drugs and bad apples.

Not that I sit and watch it ad nauseum, but I noticed a few things… according to the grisly crime scene video, she smoked Salem Light cigarettes and on that night, she was reading a dime store paperback, titled “Mysticism”. Now this could be the famous 1911 book by Evelyn Underhill, which discusses the “wakening of the self” and other self-help/discovery topics. I do not find many other books on Google with that simple title that were published before 1981.

Like many young females, Barbara was a young woman trying to find herself. My mother read books like this when I was a kid. I read books like this when I was in my late teens/early 20’s. Not that older adults don’t read this stuff, hey I’m just sayin’…

Here is a review from a user on Amazon discussing what the book is about:

What emerges is a developmental map for adult spiritual growth, which is a tremendous corrective to many of the silly notions floating around in our society, such as the idea that one single “born again” experience is all that is necessary to achieve total spiritual attainment.

Screen capture from crime scene video

I wish she could have finished it. What a senseless tragedy.

A modern version of the book’s cover:

Oh course, the book has gone through several printings. This is what a modern cover looks like.