Wonderland News Clippings – A Few Observations

Just a few observations from some early 1980’s news articles about Wonderland. Times sure have changed in the 30+ years since Wonderland, and so have the way in which news articles are written. Some of these things crack me up…and by today’s standards would be called politically incorrect?


I like the way how anytime Greg Diles is mentioned, they have to also include that he weighs 300 lbs. Does that make him appear more menacing or fearsome to people? Maybe in 1981. But today, there are 300 pounders walking around all over the country.

Porn was still in its infancy as a profession, so “pornography star” is seemingly appropriate to describe Holmes in 1981. LOL.

Holmes Trial

Holmes Trial – UPI Article

This one is great. “Sex film star”…  haha. Of course, as soon as he was acquitted of the murders and attempted murder of Susan Launius, then the judge threw him right back in jail for 3+ more months. He got so bored in jail, that he took up yoga and flushing the toilet to entertain himself.

Contempt of court.

Contempt of court.

This is funny. Deverell was not just a resident of the house… He was Joy Miller’s “live-in lover”. You would not see someone described as such in one of today’s news articles. I don’t even know why they labeled him that way in 1981. Strange.

Also, I believe his given name at birth was Ronnie, not Ronald. Many reporters who wrote about Wonderland in the early 80’s took liberty in assuming his given name was Ronald. It was not, but rather Ronnie. Let me know if I’m wrong here…

"Live in lover..."

“Live in lover…”

The classic stuff continues… I am glad Holmes went to trial, but the prosecution really did not have a case. There would have been massive amounts of reasonable doubt in a case like this. No proof. DA Ron Coen is very somber in his post-verdict interview with the local media. He says something like, “the sun will still rise again tomorrow”. He was very bummed out, obviously. Although, Eddie and Greg did not serve much or any time for the murders, their lives were a living hell of legal problems and arrests after the murders. They had little peace post-Wonderland.

Best part of researching old newspapers are the classic advertisements! I like that price!

Best part of researching old newspapers are the classic advertisements! I like that price!