Observations From The Wonderland Crime Scene

It’s hard to watch the crime scene video, due to the blood and since the victims are somebody’s loved ones lying there dead. However, from an investigative point of view, we can glean info and learn a lot about the key players in the Wonderland saga. For instance, in Ronnie’s bedroom you get a glimpse into his meager utilitarian lifestyle:

  • Drug paraphernalia is visible on his night stand.
  • A roach clip for smoking joints is clipped to the hanging cord, that looks like it connects to his bedside lamp.
  • There is a BB gun or pellet pistol hanging from a nail on the wall by his bed.
  • A big suitcase is to the left of Ron’s dresser. Was this Susan’s? It looks like she was packed for Hawaii!
  • A strange looking stuffed animal is thumb-tacked to the wall next to the pellet gun.
  • Ronnie smoked Pall Mall red cigarettes, the strong ones, they could have been no-filter cigs.
  • Two pairs of boots are seen in his room, leaving us to believe he wore boots and not tennis shoes or loafers.
  • According to her testimony, the paramedic lady stated that Susan’s head was almost touching the wall, thus a lot of blood squirted up onto that part of the wall, and the carpet where her head would have been is visibly saturated.

Some other observations for the rest of the house:

  • In the breakfast nook area, there is a car tire without the rim leaning against the wall.
  • There is also a bicycle present, as you can see the handle grip. Did Joy like to ride her bike around the neighborhood?
  • There are takeout food containers in the kitchen waste bin. Did the gang go out to eat or pick up takeout the day/night before the murders? Even more awesome would be if they went to the famous El Coyote Mexican Restaurant, where Sharon Tate and Sebring ate the night they died. However, they probably got takeout, since they lived very close to Eddie Nash and going out to eat at a local restaurant would be dumb.
  • The men who lived at the house were some striped tube sock wearing f**kers. LOL.
  • In the kitchen, the dishes were done and it appeared to be tidy enough. Far from the drug den/crack house label used to describe the home.
  • In Joy’s bedroom, the TV was on and was turned to Channel 3. Even back then, Channel 3 was used for an input signal, usually a VCR. But there is no VCR or VTR present on the TV stand, either on top of the TV or on the shelf below.
  • Joy appears to have slept on the right side of the bed in the master bedroom. There is one of those lounge cushions against the headboard that people use to sit up and read in bed. Her night stand is cluttered with what looks like girly stuff (lotion, cream, etc) and there’s a calendar and some small framed photos on the adjacent wall. I just don’t imagine white jeans wearin Billy sleeping on that side of the bed.
  • The little yellow Dodge D50 Sport 4×4 pick-up truck parked on the side of the street has a license plate frame on the front bumper that reads: “Drive Safely” and the bottom reads “Covina Dodge”. I hate those tacky dealer ads on cars, but is that the car dealer where the truck was purchased? I’ve always assumed this was Billy’s truck, but maybe it was Ron’s? Did Ron pick Susan up in this truck the previous day, either from the airport or from Tujunga? It is known that Ron drove a Scout SUV in the early 70’s but I doubt he still had this vehicle after prison, and 8 or ten years after the shooting death of Gary Moore in the back seat in 1973.
  • Barbara Richardson was reading a paperback titled, “Mysticism”. Probably the famous 1911 book by Evelyn Underhill. I did a post last year about it.
  • Along with Barb’s cigarette butts (Salem Lights), there are a few “Winston” full flavor (reds) butts in the ashtray. Was this Billy, Susan, or Joy’s brand?  Was it John Holmes brand? Maybe he hung out that night and smoked a few with Barb while scouting out the place for Eddie and Diles??
  • I did a post about the record album that is visible next to the couch in the living room. Muy interesante’!
  • On the kitchen counter, in front of the toaster oven, there are two regular sized bowls placed there. Next to the fridge on the counter is what looks like a foil covered dish. Was someone up and making a late night snack when the killers came a knockin’?
  • In the living room, the hanging plant on the floor by Barbara’s head, was shown to be hanging to the left of the couch between that and the patio/balcony door. Was the killer who struck Barbara left handed? One would almost have to be, in order to knock down that hanging houseplant. I dunno, just sayin…

So many questions… please post thoughts, observations.

I am home sick with the flu this week, so I will be making a lot of posts when bored 😉

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