8763 Wonderland – Then And Now

This is a great video put together by Scott Michaels and Mike Dorsey (findadeath.com and Dearly Departed Tours). Check out both of those pages on facebook, you won’t be sorry. I had seen this video before, but thanks to a few readers for reminding me just how awesome it is and that I should post it!

This is a “Then & Now” video…. showing the original crime scene interior in contrast to the interior of the house and how it looks today. Scott Michaels is our tour guide.

The house has forever been a rental property. This split-level maze is like 1,056 sq. ft and has such a strange layout. I find it strange that the washer and dryer are in the garage, but there seems to be no door from the house to the garage, it looks like you have to walk out the front gate to wash some clothes. There must be a door!

Please post what you know about the layout of the house. I would love a floor plan!