Odds And Ends – Cleaning Out My Bookmarks!

Just a few odds and ends to kick off this awesome upcoming weekend… have a great one kids!

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Ron Launius was acquitted of drug and gun charges in 1972 in Yuba City, CA. The link is to a 1981 news article after the murders.

This is a 1969 Mercedes Benz 280 SL. The same year, make and color of the car that Joy Miller owned (w/ hardtop):





News article correctly stating that Susan Launius’ age in 1981 was 29, not 25. I believe that is her correct age for 1981, especially if she was married 10 years earlier in 1971. She would have been 19, and Ron would have been 26 or 27.

Check out this superb article about the death of John Holmes here at find-a-death. Excellent write-up by Scott. You get to see where he lived in those last few years and even get to see his mailbox!

This is the VA hospital in Livermore where Ron Launius was checked out and tested for Agent Orange in the winter of 1981.

The Wikipedia entry for the song “If You Could Read My Mind” by Gordon Lightfoot says that it is the favorite song of “porno” actor John Holmes. That’s a nice feather for Gord to put in his cap! LOL

  • “If You Could Read My Mind” was the favorite song of porno actor John Holmes. It was used at the end of his biographical 2003 film Wonderland.

Ronnie’s smuggling case in the 1970’s has been cited by no less than 22 other court cases throughout the years, most probably having to do with “double jeopardy” sentencing guidelines, etc. Read on…

I remember hearing that John Holmes had died as I was walking down the hallway in high school during my senior year. Of course, I knew who he was even though I had never seen any of his porn, even in 1988. Most news articles announcing his death were rather brief, like this one.

Ron was probably a freshman in 1958. However, his school Nevada Union, only had grades 10-12 in high school, while 7-9 were in junior high. I could not find his junior high yearbook or his high school yearbooks, but I did find one for 1958. This is a snapshot from it… yearbooks have always been corny and cheezy I guess. If Ronnie’s school had been 9 thru 12 grades, we would have his yearbook photo! But alas, everything seems so elusive at Wonderland.

Judy should have been voted "HOTTEST" in my opinion ;-)  cute

Judy should have been voted “HOTTEST” in my opinion 😉 cute

This is interesting.

The European DVD Release and a New Title. That cover sucks!

The European DVD Release and a New Title. That cover sucks!

And in closing, another bad if not funny review 10 years ago for one of my favorite films, Wonderland.