Many News Articles, One Confirms Ronnie Had Two Brothers

This article from July 5, 1981 confirms Ronnie had two younger brothers (Rickey and Dave). They also appear in later yearbooks for Nevada Union High School. Dave played baseball. Ronnie had already graduated.

An article from the Lakeland Ledger, July 9, 1982 announces John Holmes convicted of receiving stolen property. It was an IBM typewriter and I am assuming it was a fancy one, that had the LCD screen and could have had some 64k memory chip. Earlier accounts of this theft referred to it as a computer.

This is a strange little article from Nov. 23, 1982 states “Holmes said he decided to testify after receiving approval from those involved in the murders”. What a pile of shit! I bet he never told the Grand Jury anything of value, just more and more shenanigans, leading cops and investigators in circles. That asshole.

This lengthy article has a picture of Holmes in court, and includes a lot of Susan Launius’ testimony. I think that Holmes wore that same crappy sportcoat to court everyday, LOL.

Tracy McCourt is obviously the source behind the info in this article. Later in the article, he exposes his role by telling them he was the driver of the getaway car. Genius move bro. He also says Holmes left a window open at Wonderland, allowing the killers to gain entry. This is not what happened, he was just making a guess. I doubt Greg Diles crawled through anything less wide than the front door.

This one is great, I saved the best for last. In this news piece, we see that Holmes’ porn friends were going to start a trust fund to help with his defense. I wonder how that went, and how much they collected. I would think it was in the double digits ($27). I doubt he had more than 2 friends left in the porn industry.