The Wonderland Autopsy Reports Are Online

Most of the autopsy reports were posted by someone here.

The typed sections are easy enough to read, but some of the handwritten areas are a challenge. It took me a while to figure out the coroner’s handwriting.

After I educated myself with these reports, the brutality of the bludgeoning deaths really took things to a whole new level for me, the human side of this case, scenarios for how each person died, etc. For instance, Joy was a very petite, short woman- barely 5 feet tall. The diagram of her fractured skull illustrates how someone taller than her was reigning blows down on her from in front of her, mostly hitting her forehead and caving in her facial bones, as she fought for her life. The middle and back of her head have no fractures at all. You’ll notice things like that if you read these reports.

Don’t worry, there are no photographs. You can freeze-frame parts of the movie and I believe there are actual morgue photos of Ron and Joy which are flashed during one of the faster sequences in the film.