Jurors Shown Tape Of Bloody Murder Scene

In this article, the reporter assumes that Susan Launius supplied police with information allowing them to link the Wonderland attacks to the Nash robbery. She did not provide much information, however, and at this early stage in the case the news and public did not yet know about the other witness, David Lind.

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In this article from the Lodi News-Sentinel, we see that Holmes sat in the witness box to view the crime scene videotape. I wonder what, if anything, was going through his mind. The circus atmosphere allowed reporters and others to cram against a wall to watch the video. I guess they had a big enough TV so that everyone could see it.

I wonder who Steven Stamper was? A neighbor or a mover? Or, was he one of the half dozen or so people who went through the house and stepped over the bodies, while looking for drugs after the murders?

Also of note, Greg Diles is again described as the “300 lb bodyguard…” It cracks me up that they keep saying that. He was probably reading the news articles back then saying “Dammit, I weight 278!”.