Some News Articles & Classic Photos

This 1973 news article from Indiana shows theater owners arrested for displaying porn movies. One of which was Johnny Wadd, starring John C. Holmes. I like the last paragraph: “in the future…grand juries will again go to the movies whenever there’s a questionable film being shown”. I bet they did! Perverts.

When Johnny Wadd sees a woman he wants, he takes her! That is the tagline of this 1978 newspaper ad from Florida. The porn movies were advertised on the same page as regular movies. What a classic, innocent time in America. Free Beer! (and Go Go Dancers)

I’m 18! Let’s go!

Johnny Wadd in The Jade Pussycat

Johnny Wadd in The Jade Pussycat. He looks stoned.

In this 1982 article, we get to read about Eddie Nash’s arson case. I wonder what the mail fraud was all about. However, if they mailed anything to the insurance company for a claim, then the government will throw mail and wire fraud at you as well as insurance fraud. I think they also have Nash’s age incorrect, was he 47 in 1982?

This 2000 New York Times article quotes Eddie Nash from an interview he did on a local L.A. news program. Good stuff.

John C. Holmes in Fantasm Comes Again-

Presented in MOANAROUND

Presented in MOANAROUND

I don’t know if we would see a news article titled this way in today’s world. We see that in 1982, Scott Thorson was fired by Liberace for using drugs and for carrying a firearm.

Classic Holmes.

Classic Holmes.

The Lodi News-Sentinel ran this article about the Holmes jury while in deliberations. It goes so far as to say that Nash “humiliated himself” by begging for his life during the robbery of his home, etc. You don’t do that to a proud and macho Palestinian, man! That’s an honor culture thing. Someone had to die.

I didn't see that magazine in the checkout line!

I didn’t see that magazine in the checkout line!