After Wonderland Murders… “Neighborhood Only A Word”

This July 29, 1981 article from The Courier newspaper says it all. What had become of society? New York City suffered from the same nonchalance and lack of care in helping people. It could have been another house, without the loud parties and craziness, and the people would probably still have died and the killers not caught. That’s because nobody would have called the cops. Alright, I’ll get off my soapbox.

This article has some really good stuff in it though, and it looks like after the murders the reporter talked to the landlady, a few cops and neighbors in the street in front of 8763 Wonderland Ave.

Let’s begin, shall we! (click on the article to enlarge it)

  • June of 1981 had been the hottest month in the city’s recorded history. I did not know that, but the movie had it right. When Ron said he was roasting, he meant it! I was in a heatwave on the west coast once and I wanted to kill myself. It was miserable because my friend had no a/c!
  • Dead rose plants and dusty wicker furniture were on the living room balcony.
  • Homicides in L.A. were up by 20% over the previous year, and the article says it’s due to teenage gangs and gays being murdered from sadomasochist bars? Yea, right.
  • A woman’s voice pierced the night screaming “Oh, please don’t kill me!” (Joy or Susan)
  • The Wonderland neighborhood patrols sees you! Unless it’s at 4am in the morning.
Click to enlarge image. The Courier, July 29, 1981.

Click to enlarge image. The Courier, July 29, 1981.