A Video, A Few News Articles and Photos

First of all, many thanks to all who have contributed links, files and detective work. The Wonderland saga would not be the same without you!


In this article, I wonder which North Hollywood auto body shop they are talking about Eddie using to store and move drugs. I posted much of the news interview recently with Nash from KNBC-TV back in 2000. This is the best part:

All I can say is what I’ve said for the last 20 years:  I really did not kill anyone or have anything to do with the killing of those people on Wonderland.

Nash really was quite “teflon”, dodging the bigger charges and trials and only doing about 4-5 years jail and prison time, all told. Hell, Ronnie did that much time for his smuggling arrest in ’73.


This is recent news and although it’s the Nat’l Enquirer, but still… who wouldn’t believe that Scott Thorson was in the news again! He is perfect fodder for that rag. If I’m not mistaken, the Ponderosa Hotel is one of the crummier Vegas hotels??

In this article, Scott Thorson was nearly killed by a druggie/burglar. Shot 3 times! Once in the chest. Drug paraphernalia found in his motel room. Scott never learns does he?

PETA would go apeshit over those coats, man! Ha.

PETA would go apeshit over those coats, man! But nobody would mess with Liberace.

This video on YouTube, features nothing but Val Kilmer and Wonderland, oh and also Lisa Kudrow talking about their roles, chemistry on the set, etc. Enjoy!

Here is something interesting:

The official seal from Johnny Wadd's old high school in Ohio. Go Warriors!

The official seal from Johnny Wadd’s old high school in Ohio. The Fighting Warriors!