Wonderland Horoscopes for July 1, 1981

These are just some interesting things from an old newspaper horoscope section, dated July 1, 1981. I could not find any old papers with horoscopes from June 30, 1981. Every newspaper is different, I guess, but here is what the Reading Eagle had published on 7/1/81.

I know, I know… horoscopes are very generalized… However! Susan and Tracy’s are pretty good.

Here is Ron and Joy’s horoscope for July 1, 1981:


“Ideas are plentiful; key is to be selective. Realize that you do have a choice – it is not necessary to accept first offer. Emphasis on versatility, quick trips, inquiries which bring pertinent information”.



“Attention to details results in recovery of lost article, could lead to profit and brings you in contact with interesting, dynamic individual. Rebuild!”

Barbara Richardson:


Individual accustomed to giving orders makes major concession. Your prestige rises and opportunity exists for promotion. Define meanings, see people and places in realistic light.

Tracy Ray McCourt:


Change of scenery could be on agenda and would be beneficial. You have opportunity to rebuild on a more solid structure.


The Reading Eagle. July 1, 1981