The Criminal History of Ronnie Lee Launius

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Wonderland1981 - The Wonderland Murders

This is the murder attributed to Ron Launius and which was brought up quite often in the Wonderland murder news clippings during 1981.

The article below is quite difficult to read due to the crummy zoom tool… but the bottom line is this guy, Carroll Evan Sherrill, killed Gary Moore in 1973 and Ron helped him dispose of the body. Carroll and Ronnie had taken some bad dope. The bad dope “made them crazy”. Gary came over and Ron accused Gary of being a “snitch”. Later, while driving around drinking in Ron’s Scout SUV, Carroll thought Gary made a move to strike at Ron, so he shot him in the back seat. After dumping the body, they later burned the back seat to get rid of any evidence. This is all according to Carroll’s confession. He was coming clean because he wanted out of the feared Folsom Prison, where an attempt…

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