Ojai Woman Owns Death House – Landlady Shocked At Slayings

I am told that Ojai is where Oprah has a house, and it is a nice area with weird zoning and building codes. So, this landlady had/has some dough. She makes some nice statements about Joy, along with shock and awe. In the article earlier this week, Rachel stated that she had to see a shrink after this ordeal. When the cops are done with their investigation, the gory clean up of the crime scene is up to the owner. I wonder who she hired to do that messy work?

I was mistaken in a post a few months ago about Joy having breast implants, she had not had the surgery yet and I misinterpreted the coroner’s report.

I like how Joy was “a very nice lady….never nasty… even when I didn’t want to renew the lease”.

The Press-Courier. July 3, 1981.

The Press-Courier. July 3, 1981.