Tarzana Condo Tour With Photo Gallery

This item in the bold was added to the timeline today. Someone robbed Ed again! Very suspicious in the chain of events…  Notice: The events that bookend this tragedy:

November 5, 1982

Nash is sentenced to 8 years in state prison, of which he serves a few years.

November 20, 1982

The Studio City home of jailed nightclub owner Adel Nasrallah was burglarized and a 60-pound floor safe with undetermined contents was stolen.

November 23, 1982

Holmes is freed from jail on contempt charges after spending 111 days in lock up. He resumes his porn acting and porno business career.

Tarzana Condo Tour With Photo Gallery

This small condo complex is the last known address for Adel. I believe he has lived here the past 20 years. He was arrested here twice. Unless he owns two condos in Tarzana, then this is where they found the mothball in 1995 (it was not crack) and so they later dropped the charges. In 2000 though, they nailed Ed on the racketeering charge. The rest is history.

This unit sold for $275,000 in 2012 and is a few units down from Nash… Some are 2 BR and some are 3 BR…but same basic layout, although flip-flopped or inverted floor plans. Whatever that’s called. There is no sales history on the web for Ed’s unit AT ALL!  He still lives there and has for 20 years or more.

Check out the gallery.

  • Bedrooms: 3 beds
  • Bathrooms: 2.5 baths
  • Townhouse: 1,749 sq ft
  • Year Built: 1983

If Eddie’s goons (crybaby lawyers) come after me… Avenge me! LOL.