What Was On Television That Night?

I finally located some local L.A. television listings for the night of June 30, 1981.I am posting this because Joy’s TV was on, and Susan stated that she was dozing off while watching television, her last memory of that night.

This is before everyone had cable, so the selection was truly stuff that you could fall asleep watching. Boring by today’s standards. I seriously doubt that Ron & Sue were nodding off to the NAACP Special which ran at midnight.

At least Benny Hill was on.

“Paid TV” was an early type of cable subscriber programming. Thus, a Jack Wrangler / Samantha Fox movie was on at midnight. I saw a documentary about him once. Jack n Jill was one of his most famous movies. That’s probably what Billy and Joy were watching. Jack was also known to wear white jeans in every film. Just kidding.

Jack n Jill summary from IMDB:  Samantha Fox, turning in an absolute career best performance, and Jack Wrangler, who had just crossed over from the gay side of the adult industry via Sam Weston’s criminally underrated CHINA SISTERS a year before, strike sparks off one another as the titular couple, forever looking for additional thrills to spice up an apparently healthy and playful relationship.

I can’t believe that “Flo” had not been canceled yet…spin-off from Alice.

This is an all-star snooze-fest. After All in the Family at 7:30, you might as well call it a night.

Oxnard Press-Courier. June 30, 1981.

Oxnard Press-Courier. June 30, 1981.