1973 Birth Announcement In Van Nuys Newspaper

I am not sure how many kids or marriages that Mr. Nash has had. This birth is probably NOT the boy who was murdered in 1984 by the Hell’s Angel. I think the murdered kid was born out of wedlock, was said to have been Nash’s son, and is three years older than the boy in the birth announcement below. I’m assuming the wife in the birth announcement below is “Jeanna”. He had a son and daughter with her? Chime in if you know more.

That Hell’s Angel tale is a crazy ass story. Read my full blog post about that case here. Part of it is below.

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On September 6 or 7, 1984, a personal tragedy struck Eddie Nash. A former friend of his, Maureen Bautista and her son Telesforo were brutally murdered by stabbing. Hells Angels biker Robert Frederick Garceau was convicted of this murder and sentenced to death. Newspaper accounts of the crime mentioned that Telesforo was actually a son of Mr. Nash.

Garceau was turned in to the police after he murdered Greg Rambo, who had helped him dispose of the bodies of the Bautistas. Rambo’s wife had knowledge of the Bautista murders and talked to the police (under an agreement of immunity). Garceau was convicted of all three murders.

At trial, evidence was presented that Garceau murdered Ms. Bautista because she threatened to expose Garceau’s drug operations to Mr. Nash. Her son was murdered because he was a witness to her murder. A lengthy court appeal was launched to vacate Garceau’s death penalty, but in 1993 the California Supreme Court upheld the legality of what became known as “The Nash testimony”. Garceau died in prison of natural causes in 2005.

Van Nuys News. Birth Announcements. Sept 13, 1973.

Van Nuys News. Birth Announcements. Sept 13, 1973.