Wonderland Divorce & Ed’s Other House

Marriage is the number one cause of Divorce, as Gene Simmons said.

The Wonderland Gang was not immune to the skyrocketing divorce rates of the 60s and mostly the 70s (or 80s and 90s for McCourt), based on the marriages I posted yesterday. I even saw where David Lind had probably been married in the early to mid 60s (not 100% sure, but it was a David Clay Lind). I was really surprised by how brief some of the Wonderland marriages were (Barbara). Who would have guessed that Eddie’s marriage would have lasted about the longest. Ronnie does not count, since he was in jail or separated for about 7 of those 10 years of marriage. I was married once for 8 years and that seemed like infinity plus infinity. Like Ronnie, I finally got my parole.

With that, we bring you Ed’s house from the latter part of the 60s, very early 70s. He lived here after the pueblo style house that I posted a few weeks ago. This house was waay out in the West Valley in Woodland Hills. It’s physically two blocks from a mountain range and near lots of open spaces.

I'm glad the current owner kept those original 70s style window screens.

I’m glad the present owner has kept those sweet 70s style window screens.

Of course he had a pool! It’s not a small house. My guess is that Jeanna picked out the Studio City house as a wedding present and to be closer to town. She is a beautiful lady. This area is just really far away from all of her shopping and Ed’s old businesses. I doubt that Greg was a live-in bodyguard or chauffeur back then.

"Thorson, the pond would be good for you" (Caddyshack)

“Thorson & Holmes, the pond would be good for you” (Caddyshack)

John and Sharon got divorced in 1984.

John and Sharon got divorced in 1984.