Ronnie’s Vietnam War Illness …Continued

A veteran messaged the blog last night to relay this info. He was stationed at the same base as Ronnie in Ubon, Thailand. It is a very exotic, beautiful place, and Ron being over there makes the Wonderland tale that much more intriguing. Ron’s mom said he would be ill from time to time, with rashes, red marks, welps, etc. To see my other posts about Ronnie, his military awards and illnesses attributed to Ubon Air Base, go here!

The veteran says:

I served in the Army at Ubon Royal Thai Air Force Base with Detachment J of the 7th RRFS. We were located on the other side of the runway in a compound. After returning in 1974, I noticed growths on my back and side. I had them checked out by the surgeon on my ETS physical. Since then my wife had two miscarriages, two children with cancer one who died from a brain tumor. I am wondering if I was exposed to Agent Orange or something similar. I am now almost 61 years of age.

To read more about Ubon and see some pics of the local town, go here to this excellent blog.

Check out Bob Hope & Raquel Welch at Ubon in February, 1967. Ronnie was there at that time, and no doubt went to watch this show.

Bob and Raquel Welch.

Bob and Raquel Welch.

A cool video slideshow of photos from a serviceman stationed at Ubon:

Ubon flight crews in action!