The Golds Of Illinois

It’s a slow day at the Wonderland news desk, so I am going to drop a deuce, that’s right, two blog posts today.

Joy’s side of the family.

Did you know that I saw where her dad is still alive and he is 106 years old. Can you believe it. He should go kick Eddie’s ass.

Father: Herman Gold
Mother: Eva Pritikin
Brother: Sheldon Gold
Joy only had one sibling.

According to the 1940 census, Joy was 5 years old and the family lived in Chicago, right about here:

7th Ward, Block 25. Basically SW Chicago. Far lower left… “725”. Out in the nice suburbs.

Block 725 in the lower left.

Block 725 in the far lower left.


Here’s what Block 25 sort of looks like. Your typical suburban Chicago neighborhood. I have been to Chicago many times. If you missed the depressing post on the Robert Taylor Ghetto, go here.

I was not able to find their street address, but all of the houses and streets in the 7th Ward pretty much look like this. For what it’s worth.

The American Dream…

Homes of the 7th Ward, Block 25

Typical homes of the 7th Ward, Block 25