Famous Serial Killer Attacked Woman In My Hometown

I rarely blog or read books about serial killers. It’s just way too sad. Thus, I am going to log this post in the WTF section, because it is truly bizarre.

I was flipping through a paperback at the used bookstore on Saturday and this photo sort of jumped out at me. You see, there was a notorious serial killer lurking around here 30 years ago and it is right down the street from where I live and grew up. I quickly purchased the paperback book for $1 and cruised on over there. It is a 10 minute drive.

This is the photo from the book.

700 Gale Street. Seabrook, Texas.

700 Gale Street. Seabrook, Texas. Photo: Corey Mitchell. From the book, “Evil Eyes”.

Again, I was surprised to see that this happened in Seabrook in 1982. Alice Martell was a 19 year old dressmaker and she survived the attack. She was stabbed 3 times with an ice pick and strangled. The notorious serial killer, Coral Eugene Watts, was her attacker. His MO was to follow and attack women at random. Very sloppy, and police in Michigan were hot on his trail but had no evidence to arrest him. He killed a bunch of women there. A bunch. And just as many in Houston. I was really shocked to see that he was cruising around near where I grew up in 1982. That crazy bastard died in prison about 5 years ago in 2007.

This is what the scene looks like today. I always thought that these apartments were bizarre looking and they have always given me the creeps. No wonder!