Need Questions For Nils Grevillius!

So I asked Nils if it would be okay to get an interview with him sometime via telephone. He said “You may, of course”. Tomorrow, Friday at 9am PDT!

First employed in a saloon at age 13, Nils Grevillius gravitated toward the night at a young age. Later a soldier, Pinkerton Detective and polemecist, Grevillius is best known in Metropolitan Los Angeles for his work on the Wonderland Avenue murder case.

Also, check out Nils books over at Amazon:

  • A City Of Devils – A City of Devils is a novella in Nuevo Noir. Luke Fitz, Pasadena’s only unindicted private eye, sets out to plumb the depths of the demise of Ritchey Renzullo, operative and operator – a case that’s as personal as it is dangerous.
  • Sub Rosa – Enduring a hangover, Private Eye Luke Fitz hazards a call from a vexatious, wealthy woman who thinks she’s missing a priceless possession. Beneath it all is a darker case, more than Fitz had estimated.


Tomorrow’s interview will be transcript only at first. Technical issues. I will record it and post it in the near future. I’m very low tech at the moment, long story … i-tunes issues and work computer sucks and laptop at home is Vista. However, the info will be there to read and I will get the questions to him.

What I need from you guys are questions.

Remember, Nils is a private eye, and worked on the movie, Wonderland, as Weapons Training, and was involved with Lange and Souza on their book, Four On The Floor, and more!

Post questions for him in the comments section, and I will include them in the interview.

Here are some I think are good, but need more:

  • Who exactly was Paul Kelly, and what was his relation to the Gang?
  • When did you first get involved in the Wonderland investigation?
  • What’s up with Four On The Floor? Everyone has a book out these days, why can’t this book get published?

Let’s get into it.