The Widow Of Ronnie’s Friend Speaks

Just a little info today. Carroll was the man, along with Paul Ballard, who Ronnie was busted smuggling drugs with in 1973. Carroll Sherrill died in prison in 1982 under suspicious circumstances.

Here is what his widow had to say:

I am not sure when Carroll and Ronnie met, like I said he and I were not a couple until eight years after we met though we had been friends between 1970 and 1978. Long story again, sorry.

From what I can remember about Ronnie he seemed to have an air of self confidence and coolness about him. I remember he was very good-looking and as far as he and Susan really being in love I don’t know. They seemed happy and comfortable with each other, but I think they compromised their relationship for other things at times.

I was never into drugs so as far as the whole drug scene with any of them I was never around.  Junior kept me protected from all that for so many years and then when Carroll and I got together he protected me and my son by staying  away as when he got into the whole hard core drug scene.