Little Is Known About Barbara Lee Richardson

I have posted snippets of this info before in comments and stuff, but never in one big post. Hope you like.

I emailed with Barbara’s cousin earlier in 2013. This is what she had to tell me:

Barbara was very pretty and a blonde. I don’t have any photos but will check with fam and see if they have any that I can send. Not sure what the response will be. Her death was kind of hush hush (for obvious reasons details were not discussed) and very painful for her immediate family. As I remember, she was the apple of everyone’s eye until her late teens when she got into drugs. So sad. The last time I saw her was at a family wedding, she was probably 18 and we spoke only briefly. She was beautiful and kind, but already going down the rocky road. I was hoping to find out some info about her but not much on the internet.

–Barbara’s cousin

Barbara Lee Easton (Richardson). 1976 Senior Photo. Cordova High School, Rancho Cordova, CA.

Barbara Lee Easton (Richardson). 1976 Senior Photo. Cordova High School, Rancho Cordova, CA.

Blog note:  Barbara grew up middle class, and lived in a nice new neighborhood a block from her high school in Rancho Cordova. The Lee (her middle name) came from her dad, Leroy Easton. Barbara was known in the family as “Barbara Lee”. Her grandma and mother were also named Barbara. When 17 or 18, Barbara married a young guy from the Sacramento area named Walter Richardson. He is still alive, but I have no idea if he or she were the bad influence, or why they split up. It was a short marriage nonetheless. I would assume maybe that Barbara…well… who knows really. Sad story, I would love to talk to Walter. I have seen a late 1970s photo of him and he sure was a nice looking kid. I just think that Barbara liked the bad boys… like David Lind. After the murders, Barbara’s parents drove all night to L.A. with the false hope that their daughter was the one that survived. It was not to be.