1979 – Comedian Jumps From Roof Of Hyatt House on Sunset

I can’t find anything about Steve Lubetkin on the web, so he must not have been all that funny. And jumping from the 14th floor of the hotel had to have made a mess down there on the driveway. I like how it was all about a pay dispute regarding comedians not getting paid, and he blames it all on Pauly Shore’s mother (the Shores have long owned the Comedy Store in Hollywood). The bio below cuts off but a note found on his person read: “My name is Steve Lubetkin. I used to work at the Comedy Store.” or something like that. His girlfriend also left a poster of him in Mitzi Shore’s office which read: “Got the message!”. Drama.

The goofball named Marvin Pancoast – who murdered the model and Alfred Bloomingdale muse, Vicki Morgan in 1983, attempted to jump from the roof of the same “Riot Hyatt” back in the mid-70’s but police were able to talk him down and take him away. Marvin was convicted of murder but died in Chino prison of AIDS in 1991.