My Indiana Muse & A Photo Dump

My Indiana Muse is a short movie about artist Robert Townsend and a lady named Helen. It is a cool story of falling in love with a woman after seeing her old vacation photos from some slides he had purchased. Helen reminded me of people in my own family, and I love people who dig into old shoeboxes and dustbins to share this seductive nostalgic imagery.

These images became the inspiration for a new series of retro paintings by Robert. Google “artist robert townsend”, he has a bunch other great stuff.

Also, it’s Photo Friday! Just clearing off my phone…

Tony Ferra was a contemporary of Nash’s, and was the king of the North Hollywood club scene in the 60s. They and 50 others were caught up in a massive police sting in 1968, relating to the world’s oldest profession. The photo at the bottom of apts is where Barbara’s ex Walter lived in Sac-town when she died, and a few years before (she probably lived here too). Walter was a mechanic at the time.

1977 – This epic film starring Holmes had its debut at First Run Theatre in Canoga Park. This era was John’s peak, and he hadn’t discovered crack yet. I could not find a “then” photo, but at least I have the “now”…