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    An Eyewitness At The Fountainhead Inn? 

    Nearly two weeks after the Wonderland murders, John and Dawn fled east, and eventually they made it all the way to the Fountainhead Inn in North Miami Beach, Florida. During the 1960s, this area was booming economically and up sprang a lot of nice, yet inexpensive motels. Families could afford a nice beach vacation and still stay at a decent place. As these postcards show, it was pretty sweet. However, during the mid to late 1970s the motels became run down, the clientele changed, and the beach in this area suffered a lot of erosion. It was simply not as great as before, and business died off as tourists preferred to stay at newer digs elsewhere in Miami.

    The red arrow is the Fountainhead Inn.

    Fabulous Motel Row! 1960s.

    The Fountainhead Motel

    The Fountainhead Motel. 1960s.

    If you walked out of the front office of the Fountainhead and looked to your left, you would have seen the Aztec Motel next door, just across the parking lot:

    The Aztec Motel

    The Aztec Motel

    Let’s move on to the alleged eyewitness who posted this on a true crime discussion forum. He says that he met John while at the Fountainhead and while the two were in hiding. This is from 2012:

    John Holmes fled to the Fountainhead Hotel in North Miami Beach where he was going to be arrested. He left Miami shortly after they busted him in his hotel. I lived one block away at the time … we met him at a small party at the Fountainhead and he was asked about it at the party. He said no comment and snickered about it. Everyone there knew he had a hand in it for sure, if I or anyone there was asked we would have said he did it under oath. He was kind of a prick, nice, but still that I’m better than you attitude and the I got away with something b.s. made him look like an ass ……. p.s. a lot of the younger ones like myself at the time worried a wee bit about it, after all, in the same room with someone you know murdered people.

    The girl he was with was woof woof, beat up looking like a street urchin……cant believe its been that many years already. He did smoke weed and was doing blow when we left the party. Two other people were left in the room, it had 2 queen beds and the room was on the second floor facing Haulover Beach South.

    For what it’s worth.

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      That story sounds like BS, somebody who wanted to make a snarky comment about Dawn. I wonder if Big Rosie or Joe from the snack shop are still around. They’d probably give the straight scoop.

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        Yes, the story seems somewhat embellished.

      • Beth 3:11 pm on October 19, 2013 Permalink | Reply

        I think it’s funny that everyone seems to claim they lived “right around the corner” from where a lot of this stuff happened! Must have been pretty crowded!

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          Well I did have this one buddy in college in the 70’s who claimed to know a porn actress who knew John C. Holmes. At the time he told us that Johnny was married and managed an apartment complex as his “day job”. We thought my buddy was totally full of baloney. Then years later I saw “Wadd” and what do you know, my buddy had it right all along.

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        They were by no means exclusive as a couple. It may have been some other woman. There’s still a lot of gray areas for their time in Florida because Dawn states in Legs O’Neil’s book a bunch of conflicting stuff as opposed to what is in her official Road to Wonderland book, in which she sugar coats her stripping job and omits things.

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      LOL! I had my own POSSIBLE close encounter with John and Dawn in Hollywood in November 1980. At the time I was an 18 year old Marine stationed at Camp Pendelton about 60 miles down the coast from LA and many a weekend was spent by us in the LA/Hollywood area getting into stuff and partying.

      Ok…….. In her book “The Road Through Wonderland” Dawn relates an incident that took place at the then Holiday Inn” hotel where she and Holmes were staying sometime during “Thanksgiving Week” 1980. It’s been awhile since I read the book but as well as I recall she and Holmes had some sort of big argument in their room and Hotel security showed up and kicked them out.
      The Hollywood Holiday Inn Hotel was a large,multi-story building about 1/4 block up Highland street from Hollywood blvd and for myself and my buddies was always the hotel of choice to stay at as it was right in the middle of everything. Anyway……….The night of Thanksgiving Day 1980 myself and 3 friends were in that hotel having a very raucous party that long about 1 am hotel Security came and broke up in our room. We had been yelling at people down on the street from out 7th floor window inviting them to “come on up” LOL! and there was probably about 6 others from the street who were there. There were 4 secuity people and they were pretty cool though. They made all the street people leave and despite the fact there was only supposed to be two of us drunken Jarheads in the room they let the other two stay so long as we quieted down. One of them said he was a former Marine so that probably had a lot to do with it.

      Well, I know it is not much of a *POSSIBLE* close encounter with John and Dawn but I bet nobody else here has got a better one though! LOL!

      BTW: John,you got an OUTSTANDING blog here and you really seem to know how to root out the old information on all the WONDERLAND participants…….

      ALSO……..A big hello to Critic and Jill,some of the old timers from the old IMDB WONDERLAND board

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        That is great. I need to look up that Holiday Inn and get a picture.

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        I don’t recall that story from before, kdimmick, it’s a good one. Hello to you! ;-)

    • kdimmick 9:43 am on October 21, 2013 Permalink | Reply

      Here is a picture of the building itself. It is no longer a “Holiday Inn” though but is now “The Renaissance” Hotel .


      That circular part at the upper left hand side of the building at the time was a rotating restaurant that had one of the best views of the surrounding area in all of Hollywood. I’m not sure but I think that they have built a section of rotating rooms in that part of the building now.

      LOL…..had some good times there and all over Hollywood itself back in 80-81. Would love to be able to get in a time machine with my buddies from back then and go do it all again just one more time!

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    Holmes Fried (2003 Article) 

    Just another scathing review. 10 years ago this week! Tomorrow, there is a great alternative city magazine article coming…stay tuned! “Gunning For Eddie!” is the title.

    Some critics have a really bad taste for the characters and the real people in Wonderland, and I can understand that. Similarly, I never understood Truman Capote’s love or fascination for that family murderer from In Cold Blood. But, I guess that if I spent six years interviewing Eddie Nash, then we too might become bro’s. Hell, Greg Diles could drive us to SONIC in one of Ed’s convertibles for some brown bag specials.

    Holmes Fried

    Wonderland’s tale of a porn star’s decline might have had resonance if any of it felt real

    by Jean Oppenheimer | Phoenix New Times | Thursday, October 16, 2003

    If you lie down with dogs, you’ve got to expect to get up with fleas. And when you go to a movie about a coked-out former porn star who was implicated in the grisly murders of four lowlife drug-dealers — a case which remains “officially” unsolved to this day — well, you’d better figure on a full medicated bath afterwards because a flea collar just ain’t going to do it.

    In fact, a shower is exactly what you’ll want to take after watching this fact-based crime drama about the brutal 1981 slaying of four people who were bludgeoned to death inside a home on Wonderland Avenue in a well-to-do section of Los Angeles. (Given the LaLa Land setting, the title is obviously a play on words — and worlds). Adult film star John Holmes (Val Kilmer), the king of 1970’s porn flicks, was suspected in the murders and, while he was eventually charged (which occurs after the film ends and is alluded to merely in a postscript), he was also acquitted.

    Director Paul Thomas Anderson‘s 1997 film Boogie Nights might seem the obvious comparison (the fictional character of Dirk Diggler in that picture was loosely based on Holmes), but Wonderland is not interested in the big man’s porn activities. Rather, it focuses on the murders and the events leading up to them.

    The film opens after Holmes’ “acting” career has ended. A coke addict and petty criminal, he has burned most of his friends but is never above hatching one more plot. Hoping to share in the spoils, he tells scumbag Ron Launius (Josh Lucas, once again an unnervingly convincing hedonist and sociopath) about a stash of drugs and money that reptilian drug dealer Eddie Nash (Eric Bogosian), another Holmes associate, has hidden in his house. With his partners in crime, Billy Deverell (Tim Blake Nelson) and biker David Lind (an unrecognizable Dylan McDermott in a nice change of pace for him), Launius stages a home invasion.

    The cocky Launius makes the mistake of humiliating but not killing Nash, and it doesn’t take Eddie long to get Holmes to rat out his friends. Whether Holmes joined in the revenge killings of Launius, Deverell and two women (Lind wasn’t home at the time) could never be proven.

    Director and co-writer James Cox goes for a highly stylized look: hyper-active hand-held camera, quick cuts, split screens, blown-out whites and a preponderance of in-your-face close-ups shot from every conceivable angle. There is a dishwater brown tint to the film, which has been shot and/or processed to give it a grainy, textured look. It’s so treated it looks fake. Certain scenes play out as if shot under a strobe black light — dark, indistinct, and slightly hallucinatory. The violence is visceral and graphic.

    Cox’s approach to the material is understandable; he wants to convey the moral ugliness of this world and the hopped-up frenzy of its permanently high inhabitants. But while this may be exactly the way to tell the story, at times it feels as if Cox is just showing off what he can do: lots of style but not much else. One thing is certain: he has carried off his particular vision with aplomb.

    The problem is that the characters are such creepy, despicable vermin that you can’t connect with any of them (not even Lisa Kudrow, who does a nice turn as Holmes’ estranged wife, or a dark-haired Kate Bosworth as his girlfriend). As good as all the actors are — Kilmer excels at just this sort of scuzzy creature — they are basically given just one dimension to play. Some people really are that irredeemable, of course, but presenting a film in which the viewer ends up recoiling from (or being completely indifferent to) everybody makes for a flat film. Not that psychological insight would redeem any of these sleaze balls, but it might help the viewer get drawn into their story, much as audiences were able to see the characters in Boogie Nights as flawed, morally questionable, even pathetic — but nonetheless real — people.

    • criticextraordinaire 5:57 pm on October 17, 2013 Permalink | Reply

      The writer of that article seems just a tad judgmental. :-(

      • James DelCol 11:51 am on October 25, 2013 Permalink | Reply

        He’s a bit backed up. He needs to get laid. Has he ever gotten laid? He knows nothing of art that is for sure. If serving our country for ten years during a war is not redeemable, I don’t know what is. Every life is redeemable according to every religious theory on the planet. Even Ron could have been redeemed if given a proper place to go to clean out.

        Wonderland and LA during this period is a culture study. During this time was the birth of modern day heavy metal. So you could go hear Motley Crue, an 80’s new wave band or The Runaways and Joan Jett. Then you could go up to the Canyon Store and get some Seconal and hang out at the Wonderland house. Can’t do that anymore. It is a much more underground scene and far more inglorious now. People used to party for a purpose. Their music was more politically charged than the rest of LA during this time. Motley Crue was not going to sing an anti-war song.
        According to this guy’s article, everyone who parties up is a “sleaze ball”. Is that really how it is? Sometimes people who venture out of their traditional landscape become more creative. So, stop going to church and go get some “Goddamn mutha….. SMACK!!!!” I’m joking, that is the wrong drug.

        Most drugs are considered no good. Marijuana is gaining some strength out there. People are ok with herb. Drinking and just about any other drug will screw up your life. I think MDMA will gain in acceptance over the years. They are treating Iraqi and Afghani Vets with PTSD with MDMA. It will be available to the public in the next 10 years. Ron Launius and other people who became addicted had to show us all and we had to learn the lessons of how not to party. Dealers never seem to learn because they are rewarded until they are put in jail.

        End WOT and War on Drugs. Legalize. Neither war are going to work. They will not prevent one terrorist attack or save one life from drug overdose until the US changes course politically and legally. We’re in an awful mess right now. We are creating enemies to hold onto our huge military and police forces. We seem to have a need to keep cops and soldiers busy.

        We are currently making terrorists and enemies all over the world with our drone strikes and secret spy tactics. We need to change course politically and legally. Restore the 4th amendment and let the ACLU argue its cases in the Supreme Court. Abolish FISA court. Treatment instead of jail time for addicts.

        I would have given Ron Launius a chance to get it right. Introduce him to some sober people and connect him with sober people. Maybe he would turn around. Addicts can get this done, if they try. Either way, locking them up does nothing. In fact, an addict if so inclined can get drugs in jail as they do on the street. They worsen in jail. I would call for extended rehab instead of jail time. We have to use reason and our intellect to understand that it isn’t eye for an eye that works best.

      • scabiesoftherat 1:29 am on October 18, 2013 Permalink | Reply

        I suppose it’s his job to do that. All I know is that I watched that movie, straight, without so much as a pause for a bathroom break,….then, when it ended and went to the DVD main menu, I hit play and did the same exact thing again. I believe that, over Boogie Nights, THIS is truer to the story than anything. I mean, you could just feel 1981 in this flick and you could just feel the characters. They were one dimensional because they WERE one dimensional. How can he criticize Cox for that?

        • John 8:24 am on October 18, 2013 Permalink

          Yes, nothing wrong with being one dimensional. In movies like Blow and a few other classics, there’s time for a love story and raising kids. That would have been anti-Wonderland and boring as shit.

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    Photo Gallery For National Boss Day 

    Is there a day to celebrate everything now.

    What I do know is that tomorrow is Barbara Easton Richardson’s birthday and this Friday is the 7th anniversary of Tracy McCourt’s passing. It seems just like yesterday when we were running through the fields.

    Enjoy the photos~

    • Bonnie Brae 5:24 pm on October 16, 2013 Permalink | Reply

      love the pics!!!!!!!

      • criticextraordinaire 5:34 pm on October 16, 2013 Permalink | Reply

        I love “The Big D” drive-in picture. Back where I grew up, there was a local drive-in called The Dependable Drive Inn. It was strictly 100% porn. They would run a “Johnny Wadd Film Festival” and serve free coffee and donuts at dawn. We always called the place “The Big D”. :-D

        • John 9:07 am on October 17, 2013 Permalink

          Good times! When I turned 11, my older bro and his buddy with a license took me to see some softcore porn at our local drive in. Best birthday ever!! We saw Flesh Gordon and some summer camp T&A flick. Ridiculous! I had to hide in the trunk to get in.

      • M. Cooke 1:14 am on October 20, 2013 Permalink | Reply

        Just myself but I always thought Elizabeth Montgomery who happen be in 1 of the photos was the sharpest woman in Hollywood if not world wide. She just had wonderful face plus body to go with it.. That was photo I not seen of her before.. Too late because of her untimely dead but I sure allow her eat crackers in bed with myself.

        • John 9:57 am on October 20, 2013 Permalink

          She was always my favorite too. A beautiful, talented lady.

    • Bobby 3:32 am on October 17, 2013 Permalink | Reply

      Anyone here played Grand Theft Auto 5? With this version of the game they’ve recreated L.A replete with a Laurel Canyon/Hollywood Hills -esque area. I cruised around looking for the Wonderland house but couldn’t find it. LOL!!

      • John 8:18 am on October 17, 2013 Permalink | Reply

        No but it sounds awesome if it has that in it. One could easily create a Wonderland video game.

      • Tori 1:26 pm on October 17, 2013 Permalink | Reply

        Yes gta 5!!!! Totally think of laurel canyon when cruising the hills!!! It’s a wonderland thing!!! Lol

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    The 7 Seas Restaurant in 1963 

    Thanks to Vintage L.A. for sharing this classic photo of Hollywood Blvd. The 7 Seas building was recently sold again in July, 2013 for crazy money. The previous owner purchased it from Eddie Nash in 2007. Ed also had his main office upstairs for his umbrella corporation “Adel, Inc.” which I guess governed some of his business ventures and probably contained a large safe. That’s according to a corporate directory I once found. This location was a mere hop, skip and jump for Greg Diles to drive Ed to from his house in Studio City.


    The building’s seller, infamous impresario Eddie Nash, agreed to part with the retail and office structure for an undisclosed price.

    …Eddie Nash, who owned the building for almost 50 years, said he finally agreed to sell after a CIM executive “wore me out.” (oh Ed, you so craaazay!)

    …Much of the time Nash owned it, and as far back as the 1930s, the building was the home of Seven Seas, a popular island-themed nightclub that once boasted live floor shows with music and dancers three times a night.

    …Like many other buildings in Hollywood, this one fell far and hard in the 1980s and 1990s when scores of businesses departed and the neighborhood earned a reputation for being disreputable and even dangerous.

    Sorry, but I don’t know what goes on at a Masonic Lodge and I am not sure that I want to know. But from what I’ve seen on the Simpsons and Flintstones it looks pretty harmless:

    Hollywood Blvd. looking east towards Highland Ave. in Oct. 1963 (50 years ago). The 7 Seas Restaurant is across the street, next to it is the Hollywood Masonic Temple (current home to TV’s Jimmy Kimmel Show) and the Paramount Theater (today its the El Capitan). Past Highland Ave. is the Hollywood Theater and Hollywood Inn (the “H’ is burned out—it was later bought by the Church of Scientology).



    • localarts 10:55 am on October 14, 2013 Permalink | Reply

      Damn! Eddie was only 34 yo in 1963 and at the top of his profession.

      • John W 5:15 pm on October 14, 2013 Permalink | Reply

        Yes, Eddie worked hard, localarts. Once in 1970 after a long day, a young bouncer named Gregory Diles said “here Mr Nasrallah, try some of this white powder… Your bro, club owner Chris Cox, said it will make you feel fabulous!”

        • Will Chase 8:46 am on October 16, 2013 Permalink

          He is still living (according to wikipedia), any ideas of how he lives today?…that is other than being really old..

        • John 8:58 am on October 16, 2013 Permalink

          Ed is a grandpa, so he is enjoying retirement and being a grandfather. I don’t know about his physical health, but he’s still there mentally. When author Jill Nelson and Jennifer Sugar attempted to get an interview for their John Holmes book, Eddie slept on it for the weekend and then declined. From what I have read about him in the past, Eddie likes to travel and from what I know, he still lives at the same condo in Tarzana (and has for the past 20 years).

        • criticextraordinaire 6:06 pm on October 14, 2013 Permalink

          Well whether one is for or against Eddie, he definitely was The Man in Hollywood. He owned that town for a very long time, and for the most part, people learned that messing with him was a bad decision. Dude built an awesome empire. Just imagine what it could have grown into if he had not gotten high on his own supply.

    • Bonnie Brae 10:04 am on October 15, 2013 Permalink | Reply

      Great picture.

    • John W 3:43 pm on October 15, 2013 Permalink | Reply

      This is also the location where Greg Diles was arrested in 1988 to stand trial for the Wonderland murders, for which he was acquitted. In 1988, this was called “Club Hollywood” and Diles was an empliyee…bouncer or security I would presume… Nash was not the owner of
      the club, simply just the landlord. In 1986, Diles ha lost 100 lbs and wa back to being a lean mean fightin machine!

    • James DelCol 12:07 pm on October 25, 2013 Permalink | Reply

      How the hell is Ed Nash still around? He was speedballing and shit through the 1980’s and he’s still around. I drink too much coffee and I feel like a heart attack is imminent.

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    Specter of AIDS Triggers Deathly Fear in Porn Industry 

    Thanks to steeladdict for sharing.

    Here’s an article related to the LA porn industry in 1987. A couple interesting quotes from Amerson including (words to the effect) “AIDS might be a good thing for the porn business” and “Gay porn actors would be better off robbing liquor stores”.

    Bill Amerson at the 6th annual Erotica Awards. Early 80s.

    Specter of AIDS Triggers Deathly Fear in Pornography Industry
    RUSSELL KISHI. Los Angeles Times. Aug 16, 1987.

    The perennially controversial and perennially lucrative pornography industry, which tends to shrug off the bruises it receives from government and moral activists, is deathly afraid of the latest threat against it.

    Insiders have generally viewed government studies and the occasional publicity from underage actresses as something of a nuisance rather than a threat. The government itself, after all, estimates porn profits last year at between $8 billion and $10 billion. And the industry estimates that Americans rented 104 million X-rated videocassettes from video retailers last year in spite of the negative publicity.

    New, More Serious Threat

    But the specter of the sexually transmitted disease AIDS could very possibly damage the X-rated film industry in ways that legislation and law enforcement could never hope to achieve.

    It is an alarming prospect, perhaps, but a logical conclusion based on conversations about the acquired immune deficiency syndrome with people who produce hard-core films and a law enforcement officer who has spent 15 years studying the phenomenon in Southern California-generally considered the capital of the porn industry.

    “There have been people in the pornographic business who have been diagnosed with AIDS,” said Sgt. Don Smith of the Los Angeles Police Department’s vice division.

    “Now the scare is in and the industry is absolutely afraid of AIDS.”

    “Because of that, it’s harder to get people to come into the industry. I know of two sources who have reportedly got AIDS in the industry. By sources (I’m referring to) performers. I really can’t comment any further on it, but (details will be) coming out shortly.”

    Sharon Mitchell, a 12-year veteran of pornographic films, disagrees.

    “That’s a rumor,” she said of the reports of AIDS among porn actors. “It’s not so. It’s hearsay.”
    Mitchell, who estimates she has performed sexual acts in approximately 700 films, said: “A lot of people seem to love the gossip factor. Those two people who have been accused do not have AIDS. I have been with them and they both deny it.”

    It is difficult to elaborate or speculate on Smith’s statements because of the very nature of the business itself-a business that prides itself in its ability to protect its performers under a First Amendment umbrella.

    Beyond that, Bill Amerson’s 20 years in the pornographic trade tell him that if any performer had indeed tested positive for AIDS, they would not necessarily be willing to disclose the finding to their co-workers.

    Carrying Tales Out of School

    “I don’t think anyone would tell anybody,” Amerson said matter-of-factly.
    Amerson’s position in hard-core films might be comparable to the so-called moguls who established and reigned over the major movie studios during Hollywood’s most prolific era.

    He moved away from conventional film production and gravitated toward pornographic features during the late 1960s as it became clear that the nation’s moral standards were becoming more liberal and a huge profit could be made as hard-core films moved from peep shows to big screens.
    He still maintains a production and distribution facility in the San Fernando Valley, but complains that the porn trade is “no longer fun,” in large part because of the AIDS crisis. Despite accumulating a fortune of several million dollars he is looking to abandon the business entirely.

    “It’s not a good thing for the country that people are getting AIDS,” Amerson said, “but as far as the pornography thing goes, maybe it is a good thing.

    “To me, porno is getting worse. It’s getting sleazier, more disgusting. I haven’t shot a picture for six, eight months. I probably will not shoot any more X-rated films. I just don’t have the heart, the feeling for it anymore.

    “I’m tired of dealing with the dregs of humanity.”

    And those sentiments, he insisted, are shared by many porn performers.

    “I talked to Jamie Gillis the other night,” Amerson said of a former leading man who might be described as a B-grade John Holmes in the hierarchy of porno stars.

    “He called me from New York. Jamie’s driving a taxi. He said he’s waiting for some R-rated work. He said he will never make another X-rated film.

    “These are the smart people. I was with Amber (former queen of X-rated films) last week. I had lunch with her. She said, `You can’t get me in front of a camera with somebody else.’

    “The people who don’t have a lot of intelligence, people who think it (AIDS) can’t, it’s never going to happen to them” will continue to work in hard-core films, Amerson said.

    “And there are people who just don’t care. Most of the time they’re jacked up on drugs. Unfortunately our industry is full of it.”

    Estimates are that an unknown performer can earn between $500 and $750 per day working in hard-core films. A proven moneymaker can earn between $1,500 and $2,000 a day.

    But, “It’s usually a very short-lived career,” Smith said.

    “A lot of girls are what we call `six-monthers.’ After that, they get burned out. Some of the big stars are completely burned out after two or three years.”

    Although the careers are short, the risk of AIDS is intense.

    “You’ve got numerous sexual partners,” Smith said. “You have sodomy. . . . The majority of the people that I’ve talked to have been involved in drugs, and by that I mean intravenous drug use. So you’ve got to say there are two strikes against them (in terms of AIDS risk).”

    Performing in hard-core homosexual films, Amerson said, “is like playing Russian roulette with six bullets.

    “If I were gay, instead of making a gay film I would rather rob a liquor store if I needed money that badly,” he said.

    “The worst thing that could happen would be you’d go to jail.”

    The overall risk has been further complicated, Smith added, with the advent of bisexual, or “crossover” films.

    “You have homosexual males and females involved in the same film,” Smith said. “Many performers who have been involved in sexually explicit male films have made the crossover and are now doing the bisexual films.

    “Because of that you would think there would be a greater possibility that someone within the industry would contract (AIDS) and end up giving the disease to someone in the heterosexual industry as a result.”

    John H. Weston, legal counsel for the Adult Film and Video Assn. of America, said it has become commonplace for producers he represents to demand AIDS testing of all performers before a single frame is shot.

    “Many of the actors and actresses themselves are utilizing safe sex techniques,” Weston said. “Some women are using a particular spermicide which has apparently been medically sanctioned as being protective against AIDS. Many of the men are increasingly using condoms.

    “I think AIDS at the production level is a factor. It’s a phenomenon. People are going to have to function in a very careful, protective way. I think they should. Nothing is worth a human life.”
    One person who sees no reason to change is Mitchell.

    “I don’t participate in any high-risk sex,” she said. “Since the AIDS crisis we have outlawed anal scenes by our own choice.

    “I don’t feel pressured by (the AIDS epidemic). I like the people. I’ve found my niche.”

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    Nash Lawyer Defended DeLorean, Al Cowlings & Snoop Dogg 

    Brought to you by Harvey Levin Productions.

    Brought to you by Harvey Levin Productions.

    And they all got off, for the most part. I need to put Donald Re’s number in my cellphone but I can’t afford him.

    The TMZ head honcho, Harvey Levin, is also quoted. That TMZ show is THE WORST! All they do is hang out at LAX and wait for B-lister celebs & rappers to come walking by. Yeah, that’s great reporting. It’s highly financed paparazzi machine!

    Station Retracts Report on Simpson Prosecutor | July 16, 1994

    A television station today retracted a report that a prosecutor had been videotaped at O. J. Simpson’s estate before a search warrant was issued.

    “We want to apologize,” said Harvey Levin, a reporter for the station, KCBS, during a noon newscast. “We now have reason to believe that we made a mistake in one of our reports.”

    The station had said that Marcia Clark, the assistant District Attorney in charge of the Simpson case, was at Mr. Simpson’s house on June 13 at least 17 minutes before the warrant was signed by a judge at 10:45 A.M. The station said its videotape showing Ms. Clark there had been automatically stamped with the time when it was transmitted to the station.

    But today the station said the time marked on the tape might indicate that the tape had been transmitted at 10:28 P.M., not 10:28 A.M., as had been reported earlier. The later transmission time would mean that the video could not be used to determine whether Ms. Clark was on the property before or after the warrant was issued. It would indicate only that she was there sometime during the day.

    The District Attorney’s office has denied that Ms. Clark was at the Simpson house before the warrant was issued. Search Was in Question

    The report had raised questions about the legality of the search at Mr. Simpson’s estate the day after his former wife, Nicole Brown Simpson, and her friend Ronald L. Goldman were stabbed to death outside Ms. Simpson’s condominium.

    “We have reasonable doubt, so we are retracting the story,” said Sybil MacDonald, director of media relations for KCBS.

    Suzanne Childs, a spokeswoman for the District Attorney’s office, said that prosecutors appreciated the retraction, adding, “We are all very concerned about seeking fairness and justice.”

    Someone close to the investigation told The Associated Press that Ms. Clark had arrived at the house at 12:30 P.M. and had stayed about an hour to watch the search, which had already turned up bloodstains and a bloody glove.

    If Ms. Clark had helped search the estate before the warrant was issued, it would have enhanced the efforts of Mr. Simpson’s defense lawyers to persuade a judge to exclude from the trial any evidence seized at the mansion. Delay for Prosecutors

    In other developments in the case today, a judge granted prosecutors two more weeks to decide whether to charge Mr. Simpson’s longtime friend, Al Cowlings, with helping Mr. Simpson flee after murder charges were announced.

    A deputy District Attorney, Jaime Hernandez, told the judge that prosecutors were still investigating Mr. Cowlings’s role in the 60-mile freeway chase that was televised nationally on June 17.

    Mr. Cowlings, a former football teammate of Mr. Simpson, is free on $250,000 bail and has not been formally charged.

    The freeway chase, with Mr. Cowlings at the wheel and Mr. Simpson in the back with a gun to his own head, ended after Mr. Cowlings pulled into the driveway of Mr. Simpson’s home and Mr. Simpson surrendered.

    Outside court today, Mr. Cowlings’s lawyer, Donald Re, said Mr. Cowlings should be praised.

    “This man is a hero,” Mr. Re said of Mr. Cowlings, adding, “This man risked his life to try to save his friend, and he did it.” Mr. Re said Mr. Cowlings’s life had been in danger because the police might have shot him.

    Mr. Simpson’s lawyer, Robert L. Shapiro, has said that Mr. Simpson had planned to go to his former wife’s grave and commit suicide and that Mr. Cowlings had talked him out of it.

    Mr. Re said that if Mr. Simpson’s passport and $10,000 had been in the car during the chase, Mr. Cowlings had been unaware of them. The police said they had found the passport and cash in Mr. Cowlings’s vehicle after Mr. Simpson surrendered.

    • John 9:24 am on October 11, 2013 Permalink | Reply

      Donald Re also defended the two guys from the movie, Falcon and the Snowman…starring Spicoli and Timothy Hutton.

    • localarts 12:02 pm on October 11, 2013 Permalink | Reply

      That was a good move, remember it well. Nash was just another notch in Re’s belt but when it comes to defense attorney’s Gerry Spence is numero uno!

      • John 12:51 pm on October 11, 2013 Permalink | Reply

        But if you are suing somebody, then it’s Jackie Childs… (Seinfeld LOL)

    • localarts 5:02 pm on October 11, 2013 Permalink | Reply

      LOL!! Yes. None better than Jackie.

  • John 10:37 am on October 10, 2013 Permalink | Reply
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    Eddie’s Kit Kat Club In 1982 

    Get out your bucket list! The Kit Kat is here.

    This is a true crime blog and much of the theme centers around John Holmes. Thus, we are all a bit thick skinned, no pun intended, when it comes to seeing skin. If you don’t want to see clothed strippers (early 80s strippers), then go no further. You’ve been warned.

    That said, the Kit Kat Club was a gentlemen’s club owned by Eddie Nash. I am not sure if Greg Diles worked here, but Samuel Lawton Diles, his little brother did. You see, Sam did some time stemming from an assault at the Kit Kat Club. He smacked a city councilman’s drunken brother in the head with a gun. He did some prison time for this assault.

    Of all Eddie’s clubs, the few that I could not find photos for are the Soul’d Out Club, catering to black folks, and the Kit Kat Club. I can now cross Kit Kat from the bucket list.

    Photo credits:  Gary Leonard from the classic newspaper “Los Angeles Herald-Examiner”. RIP Herald!

    • John 10:46 am on October 10, 2013 Permalink | Reply

      LA Times: 1986.

      Police also suspected Diles’ brother, Samuel Lawton Diles.

      Samuel Diles, now 34, had been a bouncer at one of Nash’s clubs, the Kit Kat in Hollywood.
      In 1983, he was arrested after police said he hit Michael Nolan, the brother of Assemblyman Patrick Nolan, in the head with a gun. Diles went to prison on an assault conviction.

      • criticextraordinaire 4:13 pm on October 11, 2013 Permalink | Reply

        John, have you ever found any info on Tracy McCourt, the guy who drove the Ford Granada to the hit on Eddie’s place? I saw some stuff where he did time for various petty crimes well thru adulthood, but wonder if anybody knows more about him. He seems to be the odd man out from the Wonderland Gang.

        • Sheila 12:48 pm on December 18, 2013 Permalink

          I read where he left CA and went to college in Kentucky. He moved to Colorado Springs and in 2002 he did some time for selling drugs again. He was successful in a Phone business and he died in 2006 of Hep C. He is buried in Denver CO. I think you can find it on Wikipedia.

        • John 7:23 am on October 14, 2013 Permalink

          Well, I have posted the post-Wonderland crimes that he committed and a few other things. I almost had his daughter and ex wife for an interview but they never responded back the second time. Do a search on McCourt or Tracy McCourt via the Search button, you’ll find more on him on this blog. Thanks for the feedback too, it’s always appreciated.

    • Bonnie Brae 11:15 am on October 10, 2013 Permalink | Reply

      very cool pictoral.

    • localarts 12:13 pm on October 10, 2013 Permalink | Reply

      Like most successful business owners, Eddie diversified.

  • John 3:26 pm on October 7, 2013 Permalink | Reply
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    Tom Lange – Vietnam War Hero 

    Tom investigated the Wonderland case in 1981. We did not hear from him much until O.J. in 1994, when the Nicole Brown/Ronald Goldman murders hit the news. That’s Tom talking to the Juice on the phone during the low-speed chase.

    An excerpt from “Evidence Dismissed – The Inside Story of the Police Investigation of O.J. Simpson” by Dan E. Moldea:

    Neither Lange nor Vannatter had originally given much thought to becoming police officers. Born in Milwaukee on April 14, 1945 and raised in Coral Gables, Florida, Frederick Douglas Lange–who had been nicknamed “Tom” by his two older sisters–moved to Los Angeles County with his mother after the death by heart attack of her estranged husband, Lange’s father, in 1960. As a young teenager, Lange was a runaway in the San Fernando Valley and was detained twice by police for minor infractions. However, Lange straightened out, somewhat, while attending a strict Catholic school. A long-distance runner on his high school’s cross-country and track-and-field teams, Lange remained rebellious and had no interest in college after graduation. Unlike many children of the 1960s, Lange expressed his rebellion by joining the U.S. Marines and going to Vietnam in June 1965. After a distinguished tour of duty with intensive combat experience, Sergeant Lange left the Marines in October 1966, refusing to re-enlist even after being offered Officers Candidate School.

    After returning home from the war, Lange drifted for nearly a year, unable to land a decent job. He traveled around the country, visiting the families of war buddies who hadn’t come home. Eventually, he wound up back in Los Angeles, putting up tents for large events and getting paid ten-to-twenty bucks a day. Then, he went to work for Clairol beauty supplies, putting little boxes into big boxes. He slept on his mother’s sofa and spent most of his time hanging out with other vets.

    Finally, while pumping gas in North Hollywood for Standard Oil, Lange became acquainted with a LAPD cop who gassed up at his service station. The officer encouraged Lange to take the tests for the LAPD. Lange did and passed with high marks.

    He graduated from the LAPD Academy in January 1968. After a variety of assignments, he became an investigator at Central Juvenile and Central Detectives, earning his associate degree in Administration of Justice from Los Angeles Valley College in 1976. While working on the infamous Skid-Row Stabber Murders case, he became a member of the Robbery/Homicide Division in November 1978, working, at first, on loan from the Central Division. He eventually solved the murders after identifying a mere palm print left by the killer at one of the crime scenes. The following year, in October 1979–the same month as his marriage to his wife, Linda–Lange was permanently assigned to RHD, where he met Phil Vannatter.

    • criticextraordinaire 7:33 pm on October 7, 2013 Permalink | Reply

      Makes you wonder if he ever crossed paths with Ron Launius when he was in ‘Nam.

      Back at the old Lions Gate board, a ‘Nam war buddy of Ronnie’s posted that for some reason he was sent out on a patrol (inconsistent with his role in logistics command, but maybe he wanted to see some action) and that he volunteered to take point. Something about he saw this purple beam of light coming from his head that let him see where Charlie was. Was probably a BS post but who knows. It would be consistent with his reputation for take-no-crap, fearless persona under pressure.

      • John 4:18 pm on October 8, 2013 Permalink | Reply

        What is that Nam board link? And feel free to copy and paste quotes and comments in the message section. It enhances the article etc and captures history. Thanks for visiting and collaborating, your input is highly valued, like everyone else.

        • criticextraordinaire 5:48 pm on October 8, 2013 Permalink

          That was the old “Lions Gate” board that existed for the Wonderland film. By the end of 2004, I believe, it was taken down by the film company as things were getting wild over there. Dawn was posting and I think Laurie was too. Most of the Lionsgate gang then moved over to the IMDb board when the Lionsgate board got 86’d. But most of those board regs, with handles like “BoogieKnight”, “WILDHEART”, “Americandiablo” and “kdimmick” are rarely seen over there. (WILDHEART, always in caps, went out and got a set of custom “WADD” license plates for her car). Sean “Duke” Amerson even posted there once or twice, and Julia St Vincent posted even several times.

          Jill Nelson and Jennifer Sugar, as I recall, got the Wonderland bug at that board and the rest is history, with their awesome biography of the King, I think the only one that can be said to be truly impartial and agenda-free.

          I didn’t know this site had a message section. :-O

    • Bobby 11:27 pm on October 7, 2013 Permalink | Reply

      It seems that identifying killer’s palm prints at crime scenes was his signature move! ;)

    • Jill C. Nelson 8:52 pm on October 8, 2013 Permalink | Reply

      Thanks for the nice words, Critic. You and some of the others you mentioned from the IMDb board were inspiring, not to mention amazingly knowledgable. It was never dull over there, that’s for sure. :) It was a great group. To this day, I feel I happened at the right place at the right time. I’ve heard some crazy stories about the old Lion’s Gate board. Wow… time sure flies.

      • John 2:40 pm on October 9, 2013 Permalink | Reply

        I bet that Lion’s Gate discussion forum was really hopping back then, especially so close to the release of the movie. Can anyone find the archive for the old board. It’s a shame that all of those discussion threads and topics are lost to history. They must be found!! Maybe Way Back Time Machine or a site like that can help find the cached archives.

        I’m surprised that Eddie did not put out a book, or Sharon for that matter…or Ron’s underling Cherokee for that matter. These days, everyone, even the neighbors could have their own book deal re: Wonderland!

        • criticextraordinaire 6:35 pm on October 9, 2013 Permalink

          John, I think the death knell of that Lionsgate board was when this one dude was harassing another poster, using his work computer from some paper company to do it. If I recall correctly he got himself fired over it and shortly thereafter the board was gone.

          There was also a gal on that board who was an artist in Canada (what is it with Canadian women and John Holmes, they seem to be attracted to him) who had painted an awesome series of portraits of John as well as other pioneers in the porno industry. 8-)

    • John W 3:52 pm on October 10, 2013 Permalink | Reply

      If Tom Lange had the conscience and courtesy to visit his war buddies families after the war, then that just lends to his dedication and commitment to families in solving the murders of their loved ones. Long live Tom Lange!

    • localarts 4:22 pm on October 10, 2013 Permalink | Reply

      I wonder if Lange had any respect for Holmes as a man.

    • Ed Mills 11:10 am on February 9, 2015 Permalink | Reply

      Thanks for the background on detective Lange. Hoping to find his book soon and try and contact him for some personal remarks on the Wonderland murders.

  • John 2:38 pm on September 20, 2013 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: janis joplin, port arthur   

    Janis Joplin Won Art Contest In High School 

    Regardless of what’s been said by Janis about her high school days, Janis Joplin was quite active in several clubs. Janis was in the Art Club, the Slide Rule Club, the Future Teachers of America, Future Nurses of America and the Girls Recreation Association. She also got the “B” average award. That’s the one I wanted! I always got the “C” average award.

    Thomas Jefferson High School. 1960.

    Thomas Jefferson High School. 1960.

    Janis even won an art contest during her senior year in high school. I wonder which piece is hers? She did not pose for the Art Club group photo during her senior year.

    They spelled her name wrong, and they also spelled Foley's wrong!

    They spelled her name wrong, and they also spelled Foley’s wrong!

    Wikipedia had this to say about her need for attention, her outcast mentality and her love for black blues music:

    The Joplins felt that Janis always needed more attention than their other children, with her mother stating, “She was unhappy and unsatisfied without [receiving a lot of attention]. The normal rapport wasn’t adequate.” As a teenager, she befriended a group of outcasts, one of whom had albums by African-American blues artists Bessie Smith, Ma Rainey and Lead Belly, whom Joplin later credited with influencing her decision to become a singer. She began singing in the local choirand expanded her listening to blues singers such as Odetta, Billie Holiday and Big Mama Thornton.
    Primarily a painter while still in school, she first began singing blues and folk music with friends. While at Thomas Jefferson High School, she stated that she was mostly shunned. Joplin was quoted as saying, “I was a misfit. I read, I painted, I didn’t hate niggers.”
    I could not quite figure out what it was, but the school had some student activity called the “Slave Sale”.
    Sounds pretty stupid.

    Sounds pretty stupid.

    If you have not seen the video where Janis goes back to her 10 year high school reunion, then you’re missing out. Everyone was so nice, that I think she felt bad about the way she felt about them and well, whatever… people change. Janis always was in need of attention, even her mom said so. Janis was not able to truly shine and find her way until she got the hell out of Port Arthur.

    • scabiesoftherat 11:36 pm on September 24, 2013 Permalink | Reply

      a slave sale in high school was when people would put themselves up for auction for fundraisers. They would then be bid on and the slave would have to do what the master said,…within reason, of course. Like carry books, go get them thier lunch so they wouldn’t have to wait in line, make a jock dress in a cheerleader outfit. etc, etc…that sort of nonsense. It was still en vogue in the 80’s.
      Of course, if you try that nowadays, Eric Holder and the justice department would be knocking on your door and charging you with a hate crime

      • scabiesoftherat 11:44 pm on September 24, 2013 Permalink | Reply

        I saw a display on Janis at a museum once. It had all her handwritten letters to her family laid out to be read. From what I remember, she was quite close with her kin. Never really lamenting anything major and always asking about various members of the family and how they were doing, as if she was just a kid in college writing home. That always stuck with me for some reason. I mean, she just sounded like a nice Republican girl. Like Julie Nixon.

  • John 8:00 am on September 18, 2013 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: , ,   

    The Doors – Live At Fillmore East (NYC) & More! 

    The Doors photos are from a Life magazine shoot and I believe most were never used.

    There’s a big Wonderland post going up this Friday, stay tuned.

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