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    The Weiss Family Tragedy 

    I blogged about the murder of sports agent Vic Weiss in the past, and there was even a loose Ron Launius/Horace McKenna connection. Nil Grevillius and I even spoke about the case in our interview. The sad part about this tragedy is that deaths in the Weiss family did not stop with Vic. His son, Wolf, would die as a contractor working in Iraq in 2004. Vic’s old widow, Rose, would be murdered at age 69, by their troubled daughter, Lauren, in 2008. Author Michael Connelly is also quoted below. Connelly once investigated and wrote about the Vic Weiss murder.

    Vic’s son, Wolf, certainly led an interesting life. At a young age, the former Marine swore revenge in finding his dad’s killer(s). I guess that’s why he joined the Marines in the first place, so that he could be a bad ass dude. He was also in a heavy metal rock band. You can sample his music here. Wolf even does a cover of Cliff Richard’s “Devil Woman”. Ugh. Play at your own risk!

    Lauren would be judged insane and end up in the nut house. At the time of the murder, she was a transient, only occasionally allowed to stay at her mother’s home. When captured after the murder, she was attempting to split town via the train station. I think she had two kids.

    Superior Court Judge Charles Campbell relied on court documents and mental health reports that detailed abandonment, sexual molestation, the death of a brother in Iraq, her husband’s suicide and placement in numerous health facilities.

    Donahue killed 69-year-old Rose Weiss in a bathroom in 2008 before dragging her body to the backyard to hide it in thick shrubbery.

    Daughter Held In Fatal Stabbing Of Simi Woman | Feb 7, 2008 | Ventura County Star

    A 41-year-old woman was booked Wednesday into Ventura County Jail on suspicion of fatally stabbing her mother in Simi Valley, authorities said.

    Police found the body of Rose Weiss, 69, at her home in the 5300 block of Diane Street at 2:44 p.m. Tuesday after responding to a call asking them to check on her. Sgt. Adam Darough, a spokesman for Simi Valley police, would not say who called police.

    Darough said Weiss was stabbed multiple times.

    She had likely been dead for several hours by the time police arrived, said Craig Stevens, a senior deputy medical examiner.

    Police later arrested Weiss’ daughter, Lauren Donahue, in Santa Clarita. Darough would not offer any details on Donahue’s arrest or what led police to her.

    Police did say they learned Donahue "may have boarded a train in the San Fernando Valley," and they later found her at the Santa Clarita train station. Donahue was being held in jail in lieu of $515,000 bail.

    Donahue was listed as a transient by police. Police would not say if Weiss lived with anyone at the home.

    Court records show Donahue was convicted in 2007 of felony possession of a controlled substance.

    Detectives on Wednesday had not yet determined a possible motive for Weiss’ killing, authorities said.

    Neighbor Mike Seguin said the street was normally quiet, except for periodic police visits to the Weiss house. "It didn’t happen every week, but it happened often enough," he said.

    Darough confirmed police had responded to the home numerous times but would not say why.

    Seguin said he would sometimes see Donahue in front of her mother’s home or nearby, and she always seemed to want to be left alone. "If she saw someone coming her way, she would go to the other side of the street," Seguin said.

    Seguin said he didn’t see Weiss as often, “but she seemed like a nice, quiet person”.

    According to Social Security and Internet database records, Weiss was married to Victor Weiss, a well-known sports promoter found slain in North Hollywood in 1979. Simi Valley police, however, would not confirm the relationship, and other family members could not be reached Wednesday.

    Best-selling author Michael Connelly, who wrote an article about the 1979 killing for the Los Angeles Times a decade later, called the unsolved crime “one of the longer-lasting mysteries of Los Angeles”.

    Victor Weiss was reported missing by his wife, Rose. He was found dead three days later, stuffed into the trunk of his Rolls-Royce with two gunshot wounds to his head. Los Angeles police suspected Weiss was killed by mobsters because he had accumulated sports-betting debts and was skimming laundered money, Connelly wrote. Connelly’s novel, "Trunk Music," is based on Weiss’ killing.

    Victor’s son, Wolf Weiss, was killed in 2004 in Iraq, where he was working for a private security firm, according to neighbors in Simi Valley and published reports.

    Wolf Weiss, 36, told Rolling Stone magazine in 2004 that he had joined the Marines at 18 partly because he wanted to hunt down his father’s killers. His mother eventually talked him out of revenge. He became a mercenary after a career as a rock musician.

    After hearing about Rose Weiss’ killing, Connelly said Wednesday that the tragedy was one more strange twist in a saga that has stuck with him. “It’s a pretty surprising story”, said Connelly, who now lives in Florida.

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      I was wolfs best friend from 2004 till he died, I was woody and he did tattoos in my room all the time, I spent new years 200 with him and kit in vegas, pleze contact me at my email, I have stories, thanks and if u talk to kit tell her im srry

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      I have proof he was my brother with a tattoo he gave me with a skull and crossbones that he signed on all the bones, tyvm for opening this back up, I was the one who brought the party bus to the roxie when he played there, I wanna be part of his legacy, we spent many times alone and I miss him soo much, thanks for remembering him

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      Please contact me regarding film project.

      Jarrett Galante

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      Wolf was like my uncle. My father still to this day has trouble listening to his music with out crying, they were like brothers my dad looked up to him and was a marine as well.. i remember going to his house as a kid and his garage open with his tattoo gear gave my mom her belly button piercing and tattoos on her stomach and ankles he had this big plan in his head of a project tattoo on my mom and didnt get to finish it before he was lost.. he was such a cool guy..

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    Hollywood Murders & Scandals: The Master List 

    This is a huge list that someone put together featuring locations and addresses of many famous L.A., Hollywood crimes, alleged hauntings and other scandals. The park bathroom where George Michael was busted has a nickname “The George Michael Performing Arts Center”. Ha!


    First of all, you will need a jumping-off point– NOT the Hollywood sign!– (sorry, couldn’t resist), that is, a centrally-located hotel. If you want to go wild, stay at the Chateau Marmont– where John Belushi checked in and never checked out. I would strongly suggest staying in Beverly Hills or on Sunset in West Hollywood. The Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel has a lot of history (and, it seems, ghosts), so that’s a great choice in that town.

    The Hollywood Forever Cemetery, I believe, will give you a high hit ratio vis-à-vis Hollywood celebrity stiffs. The cemetery in Westwood where you find Marilyn Monroe and Natalie Wood is hard to find (behind the Avco Cinema on Wilshire), but you’ll see some notable names there on the crypts.

    I don’t know about the tours themselves, since I live outside of LA and just go places when I feel like it. I would have loved the Graveline Tour, but…. Oh well.

    I have made a pit stop in the very Beverly Hills park bathroom George Michael got busted in (which I now call the George Michael Performing Arts Center), so there you have my moment of scandal-mongering. What other moments of Bad Star Behavior will you be looking into? A pilgrimage to the Viper Room (where poor River Phoenix OD’d) is always in order.

    • Is there a monument or at least a plaque to mark the place where Hugh Grant got caught?

    • Faina: I don’t think so…. But if you want to see where it went down (so to speak), start by going to Sunset and Courtney in Hollywood, where Mr. Grant picked up Ms. Divine Brown. Then, head to Hawthorn and Carson (a few blocks east, I think), where the pair were busted mid-transaction. A Norman Rockwell moment, I bet.

    • I have a book that I picked up some years ago called Raymond Chandler’s Los Angeles, which gave good descriptions of the places in his books and in the movies that followed — many of the buildings still exist, and if you’re in to Chandler, it would be a fun place to start.

    • Check out this web site for lots of info on Hollywood and Los Angeles. It has most of the celebrity grave sites, star homes, etc. Very comprehensive.



    • Definitely go to the Hollywood Forever cemetery. They even have a map with famous stars’ graves. Even better, they’ve just started screening old movies outdoors there on the weekend! We haven’t gone yet, but I hear it’s graet. You can check to see what movies will be playing at http://cinespia.org/index.html

    • Hollywood Forever is a good choice. The Hollywood Roosevelt hotel is supposedly haunted by Marilyn Monroe? Montgormery Clift? somebody on this board willknow.Chateau Marmont ( John Belushi suicide various other scandals) is worth a look. I have a list of murders etc somewhere. When I find it, I’ll repost.
      If you want an architectural tour , the Los Angeles Conservancy operates a tour of the grand ( and they are) movie palaces of downtown. Their tours are very good. They have a website with the times and tours. Have fun.

    • The Oscar for Hollywood crime scenes goes to 404-B South Alvarado, as the location of the first big Hollywood crime. As notorious in its day as any other crime scene, even as history fades our memories, this location must hold a special place in our crime-scandal ridden hearts.
      At the northeast corner of Alvarado & Maryland in Los Angeles, it was the location of the 1922 death of Paramount film director William Desmond Taylor. The first big crime to dominate the headlines of the period ? the birth of Hollywood ? the birth of Hollywood crime. The list of suspects included many showbiz figures, including silent film actress Mabel Normand (Mack Sennett’s leading lady).
      The case was never solved. Therefore, no appeal was ever filed.1. The Black Dahlia, Elizabeth Short, no pun intended, as she was cut in half, was found at 3925 S. Norton Avenue (just south of 39th Street) ? unsolved ? no appeal. Short lived at 1851 Ivar Street, Alto Nido Aparments.2. Bugsy Siegel – murder victim (for once) – 810 Linden Drive, Beverly Hills

      3. The Glove Don?t Fit?

      3A. OJ Simpson residence 360 N. Rockingham.

      3B. Nicole Simpson residence and murder scene – 3875 Bundy.

      3C. Mezzaluna Restaurant where Ronald Goldman worked – 11750 San Vicente Blvd Brentwood

      4. Lana Turner’s 14-year-old daughter (Cheryl Crane) stabbed Lana?s lover, mobster Johnny Stompanato, to death – 730 N. Bedford Drive, Beverly Hills, Good Friday 1958.

      5 Haing Ngor, Oscar winner, Killing Fields, ironically, murder scene 945 Beaudry Avenue

      6. Enis Cosby murder scene, The Skirball Center Drive exit to the northbound San Diego (405) Freeway

      7. Notorious B.I.G. (aka Christopher Wallace) murder scene 6060 Wilshire Boulevard, Los Angeles, the Petersen Automotive Museum,

      8. Sam Cooke murder scene 9137 S. Figueroa Street – site of the former Hacienda Motel (now the Star Motel)

      9. Marilyn Monroe death scene 12305 Fifth Helena Drive ? technically not a crime, unless you are conspiratorially inclined

      10. Robert F. Kennedy murder scene The Ambassador Hotel 3400 Wilshire Blvd., Los Angeles

      11. I Love You, Charlie

      11A. Sharon Tate (and others) Murder scene 10050 Cielo Drive (now changed to 10066), Beverly Hills. Former residence of Cary Grant and Henry Fonda

      11B. Residence of Charles Manson and family – the Spahn Movie Ranch, Santa Susana Pass Road west of Topanga Canyon Road, Chatsworth, CA. Interesting historical not e: Years before, Tom Mix movie Westerns were shot there.

      11C. La Bianca (other Manson murder victims) house 3267 Waverly Drive

      12. Janis Joplin overdosed on heroin – 7047 Franklin Avenue, Hollywood previously the Landmark Motor Hotel (now called the Highland Gardens Hotel), room 105

      13. John Belushi overdose 8221 Sunset Blvd., Hollywood: the Chateau Marmont hotel, Bungalow #2

      14. Marvin Gaye murder scene – 2101 S. Gramercy Place, Los Angeles: the family home where singer Marvin Gaye

      15. Centerfold Dorothy Stratten murder scene – 10881 Clarkson Road, West Los Angeles, by her husband after he learned of her relationship with director Peter Bogdanovich

      16. Patty Hearst captured – 11425 S. Crenshaw Blvd., Inglewood: former site of Mel’s Sporting Goods store

      16A. Six SLA members die in shoot out. 54th Street 1466 E (near Compton Ave.), Los Angeles May 17, 1974

      17. Lyle & Erik Menendez family home and murder scene parti/matricide – 722 N. Elm Drive, Beverly Hills

      18. Sal Mineo (“Rebel Without a Cause”) murder scene – 8563 Holloway Drive

      19. Hugh Grant arrested for solicitation for prostitution Sunset Boulevard & Courtney Avenue

      20. George Michael (formerly of Wham!) arrested for performing a lewd act (while alone) – Will Rogers Memorial Park, at 9650 Sunset Blvd., in Beverly Hills

      21. Oliver Stone arrested for drunk driving and felony possession of hashish – the 2200 block of Benedict Canyon Drive, in Beverly Hills

      22. Robert Downey Jr, arrested (one of the times) for drugs 29169 Heathercliff Road, Malibu

      23. Christian Slater assault & battery at 10445 Wilshire Blvd., West Los Angeles: the L’Elysee condominium

      24. Tommy Lee (of Mötley Crüe) battery 8852 Sunset Blvd, West Hollywood, the Viper Room

      25. Zsa Zsa Gabor battery on a Beverly Hills Police officer – the corner of Olympic Boulevard and Le Doux Road (the 8500 block of Olympic), one block west of La Cienega Boulevard, on the outskirts of Beverly Hills (on the west side of La Cienega Park and the Academy Library) June 29 of 1989

      26. Michael Jackson?s residence, lewd act on a minor – 4641 Havenhurst Avenue, Encino

      27. Jack Nicholson assault and battery, when he jumps out of his car and attacks motorist Robert Blank’s Mercedes-Benz with a golf club – the corner of Riverside Drive & Moorpark Street in Studio City (near the Lakeside Golf Course.)

      28. Winona Rider shoplifting ? Saks Fifth Avenue 9600 Wilshire Boulevard
      Beverly Hills

      29. Halle Berry felony hit and run – intersection of Sunset Blvd & Doheny Drive
      ? probation, $14,000 in fines, 200 hours of community service.

      30. Dudley Moore domestic violence scene 5505 Ocean Front Walk, Venice

      31. Richard Pryor drugs (setting himself of fire ? ooops) 17267 Parthenia Street (west of Hayvenhurst), Northridge

      32. Roman Polanski lewd act on a minor 12850 Mulholland Drive.

      33. Cotton Club murders

      33A Shooting and body dump Coswell Canyon, northwest corner of Los Angeles County

      33B Kidnap at Sunset near La Cienega

      34. Stephanie Kuhen murder (baby in the ?Wrong Way Alley Case) the alley next to Bank Street Highland Park,

      35. Robert Blake murder scene. ? here

      36. River Phoenix ? drug overdose- 8852 Sunset Blvd, West Hollywood, the Viper Room

      37. Phil Hartman residence where he was shot to death in his sleep by his wife, Brynn, 5065 Encino Avenue.

      38. Marlon Brando’s house – where his son, Christian Brando, shot and killed his half-sister’s lover, Dag Drollet 12900 Mulholland Drive.

      39. Director Quentin Tarantino assault on co-producer Don Murphy – 8478 Melrose Ave.

      40. Gary Coleman misdemeanor assault & battery charges 13248 Hawthorne Blvd.

      41. Freddie Prinze suicide 865 Comstock Avenue.

      42. George Reeves suicide 1579 Benedict Canyon Drive. Family suspects murder

      43. Offices of Philip Marlowe the Cahuenga Building, downtown Los Angeles.

      44. Murder of Dominique Dunne, actress, the older sister, ?Dana?, in the “Poltergeist.” – 8723 Rangely Ave.

      45. Jack Nance, Eraserhead star, muttered something nasty to a couple of gangbangers outside the Winchell?s Donuts at 438 S. Fair Oaks Ave, Pasadena, and got hit on the head, causing him to fall down and hit his head on the concrete. Walked home to 505 S. Fair Oaks. Died the next day of a subdural hemotoma caused by blunt force trauma. Ruled a homicide. Never solved. No appeal.

      46. Lenny Bruce?s home where he died from an overdose of drugs – 8825 W. Hollywood Boulevard, West Hollywood.

      47. Death site of Thelma Todd – 17531 Posetano Road, Pacific Palisades:, on Dec. 16, 1935. “Horse Feathers,” “Monkey Business. She was found dead in her car, still parked in the garage above the café she owned. It was ruled an accidental suicide, yet the bloody scene suggested a murder, and many people suspected a cover-up of a gangland slaying.

      48. Race car guru Mickey Thompson and is wife Trudy. Gunned down in the driveway of their home at 53 Woodlyn Lane, Bradbury Estates. Thompson?s business partner Micheal Goodwin (no relation) was prime suspect, but never arrested. No appeal.

      49. Wonderalnd Murders ? 8763 Wonderland Avenue, Los Angeles. Quadruple homicide of Ronald Lanius, Joy Audrey Miller, Willeam Deveral, and Barbara Lee Richardson. The home was owned by porn star John Holmes who was very short, only being 14 inches. Eddie Nash, nightclub owner and Holmes?s connection was suspect. First jury deadlocks ? second acquits. No appeal.

      50. Natalie Wood ? Blue Cavern Point, Catalina ? drowned. Another murder for conspiracy nuts.

      51. Rodney King.

      51A King gets beaten across the street from the Mountainback Apartments, 11777 Foothill Boulevard, Lake View Terrace.

      51B Riot (or civil disobedience center for the politically correct) epicenter at 1400 W. Florence Avenue and Corner of 7100 S. Normandie Avenue, South Central Los Angeles.

      52. Greystone, 905 Loma Vista Drive, Beverly Hills, mansion and murder location of Edward Doheny, Jr. oil developer involved in the Teapot Dome Scandal.


      53. Richard Ramirez ? Night Stalker

      53A Downtown hotels where he stayed: Hotel Rosslyn – 112 W. Fifth Street, Frontier Hotel ? 111 W. Fifth Street, Cecil Hotel 640 S. Main Street, and the Hotel Huntingon 725 S. Main Street.

      53B Residence of victim 2: Jennie Vincow ? 3330 Champman Street, #2, Glassell Park

      53C Spotted at 819 S. Towne Avenue, and chase begins leading to his arrest, chased to, and caught at 3737 E. Hubbard Street by a group of citizens who beat him up. Crowd not charged with assault.

      54. Angelo Buono (No relation to Sonny) Hillside Strangler.

      54A. Residences and business
      Childhood home ? 3113 LaClede Avenue, Glendale
      Buono?s auto shop ? 703 E. Colorado Street, Glendale
      Apartment ? 809 E. Garfiled Avenue, Glendale

      54B Dump sites of some victims:
      6300 Forest Lawn Drive, Burbank ? Yolanda Washington
      2844 Alta Terrace Drive ? Judith Miller
      3067 E. Chevy Chase Drive ? Lissa Kastin
      4100 N. Ranons Aven ? Kristina Weckler
      Los Feliz exit, westbound of Interstate 5 ? Jane King
      1500 Landa Street (currently 1600) Dolores Cepeda and Sonja Johnson

      54C Kenneth Bianci?s (co-defendant) apartment, Tamirand Apartment, 1950 Tamirand Avenue.

      55. Freeway Killer William Bonin, murder of 14 teenage boys, sexually assaulting them and dumping their bodies along the freeways:
      Bonin?s residence ? 10282 Angel Street, Downey
      Bonin?s arrest ? 5101 Santa Monica Blvd., Hollywood

      56. Robert Diaz, Jr. ?Grim Reaper? nurse convicted of killing 12 patients (charged with 27) ? 2224 Medical Center Drive, Perris.

      57. 1428 Genesse Street, used as 1428 Elm Street in ?Nightmare of Elm Street? movie with Freddie Krueger.

      (i.e. the most recent)

      58. Phil Spector arrested for murder of B actress Lana Clarkson, preliminary hearing not set, neighbor hears three shots, ?boom, boom, boom.? Goodbye Accident Defense ? in Alhambra, near intersection of Grandview and Valley, 1700 block of S. Grandview, look for ?turreted mansion.?

      ?Le legendary producing Phil Spector (62 years), which revolutionized the pop one at the beginning of the Sixties by creating famous “the Wall of Sound” (“wall of the sound”), was stopped for murder, Monday, in its property of Los Angeles, before being accused then slackened against a guarantee of a million of dollars.?

      59. Finally, for criminal appellate defense attorneys, honorable mention goes to The Sleepy Lagoon Murder. Jose Dias?s body was body found at 5500 Slauson Boulevard, formerly a reservoir. Press hysteria and bigotry led to the arrest of 300 Mexican American youths and one of the most corrupt trials in Los Angeles history, ending in the conviction of 17 defendants, 12 of whom were convicted for murder. The Court of Appeals overturned the convictions as a miscarriage of justice. (People v. Zammora (1944) 66 Cal.App.2d 166.) The precursor of the Zoot Suit Riots of 1943, and the inspiration for the play Zoot Suit, the Sleepy Lagoon ca se is one of the most important events in the social history of Los Angeles, and therefore one of the most important criminal appeals in California.


      For your holiday shopping needs visit ?Skeletons in the Closet,? the gift shop in the Coroner?s office, 1102 N. Mission Road. Toe tags, beach blankets with chalk outlines of bodies, and other merry items.

      And don?t forget to visit the Museum of Death 6340 Hollywood Blvd.

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    Nostalgic Disco Site Has Rare "Club Odyssey" Photos 

    For more info, photos and entertaining stories from club goers and employees go to the site.

    FYI – There is a Chris Cox sighting below.  He’s a semi-famous nightclub guy who knew Eddie Nash back in those days. Chris is also quoted in a few of the classic articles over the years regarding Wonderland, Thorson, Holmes and Ed Nash. It’s been said that Cox introduced Holmes to Nash. I hope to interview Chris soon.

    The Back-story For Today’s Image Gallery:

    These photos were taken at a 1979 gay pride parade. Club Odyssey had their own float.

    Ron Howard filmed a scene for his early 80’s movie, Night Shift, at Club Odyssey. It starred Henry Winkler (below) and Michael Keaton. A cult classic.

    Go to the DiscoMusic Odyssey page for more pics, great stories and remembrances of club-goers and insiders.

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    Author John Gilmore Talks “Nash” With VICE Magazine 

    So according to Gilmore, Eddie Nash was in some pornos? I read that paragraph 4 times. What. The. Hell. Actually, I just checked the book, and he is talking about Holmes there and the dead girl. Read more quotes from Gilmore’s web site at the bottom of this post.

    From the original article:

    VICE: Your most recent true-crime book, LA Despair, centers on five separate, equally tantalizing stories. The first is about John Holmes, the donkey-dicked 70s porn star involved in the Wonderland Avenue “Four-on-the-Floor” murders. But you focus on the guy who most likely pulled the strings, an oily creep named Eddie Nash. Was Nash a born psycho, or was it just the 24/7 freebasing?

    John Gilmore: That certainly helped. Eddie was a guy who just wanted to make as much money as he could and live the ultimate cool life in Hollywood. And that’s what he did. He opened a little hamburger stand on Hollywood Boulevard in 1959. I remember going there a couple of times with [actress] Susan Oliver. He got increasingly involved in the porno thing in the Valley, and it got bad. There was a producer-director guy shooting a movie for him, and the girl OD’d in the middle of screwing him. He was only concerned about the footage. “Turn her around, we can finish it with an over-the-shoulder shot. We won’t show her face.” As the years went by I accumulated bits and pieces of things that interested me. I thought, “I’m just going to write about all of these things as short pieces.” That’s how LA Despair came into existence.

    What’s weird is that Eddie Nash wasn’t busted for the Wonderland murders at first. He was busted for cocaine possession and got out early because he bribed a judge. Then later, when he was under the gun again for another aspect of the killings, he got off by bribing a juror. Did he ever do any hard time?

    He only served 30 months or something.

    Any idea what he’s doing now?

    Nobody knows what Eddie Nash is up to these days. He bought a home for his mother.

    Do you think John Holmes had a criminal mind? Or was he just in the wrong place at the wrong time?

    John wanted fame. He wanted to be admired and respected, not simply because he had a big dick. He started getting into porno and getting heavily into dope. He’d go through thousands of dollars of coke in one weekend.

    Which seems like the wrong drug to take if you’re trying to maintain an erection.

    Yeah, that bothered him a lot. And then people just took advantage of him. He got himself in way over his head. Basically he was a nice guy. The first time I met him was on Santa Monica Boulevard. It was a vacant lot and they used to have swap meets there. He was selling some kind of Indian jewelry and leather jackets. This was way back, before he was famous.

    Q&A from John Gilmore’s web site:

    Let’s talk about the John Holmes piece. What do Holmes and Eddie Nash mean or symbolise to you?
    John Holmes is like an LA Frankenstein monster. He comes here. He prospers. And then through drugs and sex and the whole scene, he becomes a Frankenstein. To me, that section, Bad Eddie, represents the core, the basis of what LA is all about. It’s a whole other world. The whole Laurel Canyon scene. The hip Hollywood world of the cheesy nightclubs and dope. Nash owned this club called Starwood, and all the kids went there because all the major rock groups went there. It was a major disco place, and they’d give kids dope as they walked inside. They’d actually dish out coke. It was their policy. Nash was a major crime figure. You could not touch Eddie Nash. He was too fucking smart. There were murders and everything going on all the time, but they could never pin anything on Eddie.
    Holmes comes to LA almost innocent, and is then corrupted, but Nash comes to LA on the make, and thrives…

    Well, if you’re evil, you can come to LA and you can do your thing. From day one, Eddie Nash was like a hungry wolf. I don’t think Eddie Nash ever did anything for anyone where he could not exploit it or benefit from it. His whole raison d’être was to get what he could out of everything and be on top. He always felt like he was on the run. So he had to keep running, and grab things as he went, like nightclubs. He bought judges, jurors, people downtown [in city government]. Have murders going on. Pay people off. LA is the place where you can do your thing. The city doesn’t care what you do. You couldn’t pull off what Eddie Nash did in New York, it’d be of a whole different structure. But out here it’s the West. And there’s still kind of a shoot-’em-up mentality.

    John Holmes, though, mutated from that innocent thing you mention. He liked to work with his hands. He loved thrift shops and buying old furniture and fixing it up. Even in the porn scene, he was kind of an outsider. But drugs took him to the other extreme. He was a lost cause with drugs. It destroyed him. And drugs were available. It was part of everything out here. It’s interesting that the juries trying the Wonderland murder cases [where four members of a drug den were bludgeoned to death] hated everyone who got killed. They felt it was good all these people got killed because they were rotten people anyway.

    I’m not interested in making a historical document. I recreate these things. My presentation is a very clear portrait of the city. The only part that drifts from the city, although it starts there, is the Billy Cook case. This is a book about the way things are, not the way Hollywood wants to see them.

    Considering your view of LA, why do you live there?

    Put it this way, you come here and you write your own ticket. Eddie Nash wrote his own ticket. John Holmes wrote his ticket, though it might not have been the one that was most favourable to him. Certainly the ticket Barbara Graham wrote was not in her best interests, but if that’s the ticket you want to write, it’s your ride, baby. Why am I here? Well, I’m writing my ticket, and LA says, “Cool, man, go for it.”

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      This is an interesting and prob accurate insight. I do think Gilmore is wrong about Black Dahlia Killer. Gilmore Claims he knew James Dean well and that he was gay (or bi at best) and wrote some stuff about his relationship with Janis Joplin that doesn’t ring true. He had a big feud with old pal Dennis Hopper regarding veracity of his tales about LA characters

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    Starwood Contact Talks About Dom’s Demise At Nash’s 

    I was going to wait until Monday before dropping a new post, since the interview with Nils Grevillius was so top notch, but this is too juicy. I asked Lee from the Starwood to give me some more of the scoop and boy did he deliver. Thanks Lee!  He is also writing a book about his life in Rock. Everyone is writing a damn book, even Julia Negron. I better get off my ass!

    This Dominic kid was the young man whom Nils and I talked about in the interview, and whose death sparked the second raid on Nash’s house in November of 1981. I had speculated that this kid was mafia connected, only because he and his family were all born in Italy and were still Italian citizens upon his death, according to public records.

    The old Starwood manager, Gary Fontenot, is dead too.

    Here’s what Lee had to say:

    Ok then. Dominic was the soundman at the Starwood. Not a bad job at ALL! Hobnobbin with the Rock-stars and all the ‘Perks’ that come along with that sort of access. Now the Wonderland thing was the dark ugly thing that I really had nothing to do with. I was more involved with the Starwood and the Rock n Roll side. I certainly knew all it seems were involved with that terrible thing, and heard it all out of the mouths of  those same people.

    Dominic ‘s best friend was Micheal Mazzechelli. Dom’s G/F was Desi. They all originally came from Danbury Conn. After the Starwood closed not long after the crime (Wonderland). Everyone who worked there scattered. Fear was in the air. Dom and Mike and Des all went back to Conn. but who can stay away long from the scene we lived in? I myself went to work at the Troubadour after the Starwood. I’m sure that Dom and Micheal were certain that they could come back after a few months. Things had calmed down. They all 3 of ’em came back in Dom’s red van and tried to set up shop.  Things were tough though. Not many people were really looking for sound guy’s who were willing to pay what they were used to making. I was after all only 17 at the time and willing to work for CHEAP!  Gary Fontenot (Starwood mgr) made a call on my behalf to Doug Weston and I got lighting work for I think it was $20.00 a night. Dom and Mike couldn’t do that cause they were used to a LOT more. Ed Nash was good to us all.

    So Dom and Des and Mazzechelli were broke and addicted to coke then evicted from their motel room and so it goes same old story. So the Danbury crowd stayed in the van in Fontenots driveway (in Studio City) for a 2 or 3 weeks. Everyone was partying and what not.  Gary set up Dom with an Colombian dealer named Orlando (Not the same person as the Orlando who did ‘buisness’ with Ed). Gary was trying to get them a situation to get them out of the driveway. Dom got fronted 4 oz’s and it got smoked up. They only let me have a couple of hit’s cause the drug is like that and their excuse was cause I was so young. Ed pulled that same crap with me later. C”mon guy’s! They knew how tough I was.  Assholes.  Anyhoo, when Dom and Micheal couldn’t come up with the money, They tried to tell the Colombian that the coke had been “Poison” and they just flushed it.    Well,,,,,   This did not go over very well with the dealer.  Nor with Gary. I watched Gary kicking that red van and throwing stuff around untill they left. Gary was good with histrionics.   Tell you what John..  It’s late and I’m tired. So do you want me to keep this up?? I Don’t know anything about East Coast mobsters. Dom and Mike and Desi were guido-trash pretty much.  I Know that Dom’s Mother actually Bronzed his bass guitar after his death. Just like baby-shoes. Then hung it over the fireplace.  And Dominic couldn’t play that thing for shit!!!   Truth is truly stranger! In a day or two I’ll tell you how Dom ended up living at Ed’s. and his unfortunate demise. Now why dont you give me something??  I’ll leave it up to your imagination..    Boy the Colombian did not take it well. The 1st time I ever heard an automatic weapon fired. A REAL Machine gun. Bullets flew everywhere. 10 minutes later the phone rang.  The Hispanic voice said: ‘Give that frog-faced fucker my message”  I’ll tell you the rest (maybe) soon Goodnight.

    • Brandy 3:12 pm on October 31, 2013 Permalink | Reply

      Holy cow this is incredible, wow. You rock JOhn!

    • criticextraordinaire 4:52 pm on October 31, 2013 Permalink | Reply

      Don’t roll out too much, too fast John. You don’t want to blow your wadd all at once.🙂

      • John 7:03 pm on October 31, 2013 Permalink | Reply

        Coming Soon critic. Next up Ron’s prison time…. And Joe Mikaelien’s cry baby vibe to the judge. “I murdered people but grant me a mistrial because I get headaches, and have done drugs” That fucking asshole!

    • criticextraordinaire 5:05 pm on October 31, 2013 Permalink | Reply

      You know, I think that Jon Taffer was running the Troubadour back then. Can you ask Lee if he was? And if so, was Taffer as cranky as he is these days on Bar Rescue?????

      • John 5:20 pm on October 31, 2013 Permalink | Reply

        Sure, I’ll ask him. Sounds funny, I need to watch that show more often.

    • localarts 6:47 pm on October 31, 2013 Permalink | Reply

      Cool Story. In the early 80’s, if you wanted to get signed or seen by a major recod label the Starwood was the place to be.

    • scabiesoftherat 11:24 pm on October 31, 2013 Permalink | Reply

      That was a pretty cool story. I had just seen a documentary about the Troubador and this chronicle really confirms what they said in the documentary.

      Doug Weston really was a cheap MF.

    • John 7:24 am on November 2, 2013 Permalink | Reply

      I may have to go into the secret Wonderland golden cache of photos to get Lee to give me part 2!

    • John 9:00 am on November 5, 2013 Permalink | Reply

      Here’s the conclusion to the Domenic Fragomeli story from Lee at the Starwood. Nash allegedly tried to help, but that’s a double-edged sword:

      Ok.. Here’s some more.
      Gary threw the Danbury crowd out of the driveway but that wasn’t good enough for the Colombian dealer. I was in the room where everyone always hung out. Kind of a ‘back’ living room. I believe it was a street called Laurel terrace. But it was a long time ago. So Gary and his housemate Nurse Michael were watching TV. It was around 6 PM or so. I had just given Gary’s horrible little dog ‘itty-bitty’ a bath and was drying her when what sounded like Big ole firecrackers on the very front porch went off. Gary, micheal and I looked at each other and the ‘ What the f was that’ thing went on for a minute till I went out to investigate with Nurse Micheal. At 1st Things looked cool. Then I looked at Nurse Micheals Older blue lincoln and said something to the effect/affect of;’ Hey Micheal, Why’d you leave all of your windows down on your car?’ Then we both saw that the ground was littered with broken glass. Going around to the street side we saw MANY hole’s in Micheals car. I went went “Holy S–T! Mcheal, Get back in the house, NOW”! And almost had to drag him back inside cause he just didn’t seem to get it. I hollered at Gary that someone just SHOT up the f-ing house! Gary didn’t believe it until we went into the front room and saw hole’s along the inside front room wall. Bullet holes.(Thank whatever Gods were there that no-one ever hung out in that room and there was a huge stone fireplace which caught the lead and none entered where we were. Then the phone rang. I picked it up and the aforementioned Hispanic voice, ( Not the dealers voice which I knew but a different one.) “Did you get get my message? Someone needs to pay” Stunned silence there I assure you. What we thought was that since the dealer was introduced by Gary. Gary was responsible for the dept. About 3 or 4 days later there was a little get together at the house. Gary had told everyone he knew that they were SO BUMMED OUT FROM BEING (Why am I yelling? OH.. Just hit the caps key.) machine gunned that everyone should come over with as many drugs and much booze that they could carry, so Nurse Michael and Gary could calm down and enjoy life a bit.( Oh, And if you have a stray roach or something for the kid. That’d be cool, But don’t really worry about him. a-holes. I ALWAYS got the shaft in the drug dept.) So just at twilight when everyone’s getting all mellow. Were in the backyard grilling when BANGBANGBANGBANGetc. AGAIN! Being outside this time There was No doubt that it was gunshots. People scattered. Over fences into neighbors yards. Anywhere but there. I think, But am not certain that Danny Boneduce was there for that 1. He was around allot in those day’s. “Got Coke? Got Danny Partridge!) Nurse Michael had his bag packed before the last shell hit the ground I swear! This was in 1981. I remember a person who lived at least 1/2 a block down the street had a chat with Gary as they walked up and down the street cause a bullet fragment had traveled down the street and entered his home through a window within feet of his young son. There HAS to be police reports on this. I tried looking on google maps for the exact address, but I’m not real computer savvy and couldn’t get it. Mazzechelli went back to Conn. and that’s how Dom and Des ended up at Ed’s. I would conjecture, But I don’t know. That Ed intervened on Doms behalf. There were no more gunshots at that house. I don’t have any idea what Ed had required of Dom for letting him live there and I assume taking care of that debt. But Dom Never had to pay it cause within not too awful long later. Dom died of a Speedball, Or MANY Smoked Speedballs. ) I used to laugh seeing Fontenot smoke one. Here’s a guy who could Freebase All nigh and be a bit weird but O.K. Then Ed would sprinkle a bit of that brown stuff on the top and Gary would RUN to the Bathroom to puke immediately! Ed would never give me ANY freebase cause he said; ” He’s Too Young” Like I had never done it before. He’d have one of the girls give me a couple of lines and some crappy pot instead. Well, Beggers cant choose I guess. Ok John. Now that I’m ‘warmed up’ so to speak. I got to get back to my own stuff. Talk to you soon. Maybe!

    • John 1:16 pm on November 7, 2013 Permalink | Reply

      Part 3 is even better!

  • John 9:03 am on October 28, 2013 Permalink | Reply
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    Interview With NILS GREVILLIUS – The Lost Audio Is HERE 

    The complete audio files are hosted on SoundCloud. You DO NOT need an account and you may even download the mp3 files to your pc or device. I burned a cd… to listen to while driving around😉  You will need to crank the audio a bit on your end, but here is the full 36.5 minutes that was captured.

    All told, you get 15 more minutes today!

    As I mentioned, we spoke for 45 mins and sadly…. 8 minutes was completely lost when the recorder shut off after 20 minutes. The lost 8 was basically a general discussion about Launius (see comments below). A key moment from that lost audio was “Cherokee” (Larry Hershman) a buddy of Launius, calling the house non-stop during the videotaping of the crime scene by the cops. The phones were off the hook, but you can see a light blinking on the multi-line phone in Ron’s room… that was Cherokee. As things pop into my head, I’ll post them but the Cherokee thing stuck out and was the most important thing that I had not heard before.

    Hit the big PLAY button to play all 36 mins:

    • localarts 11:11 am on October 28, 2013 Permalink | Reply

      Unbelievable!! I was completly wrong about Launius, he was an out and out killer! It would appear Paul Kelly was only looking for some “street credit” I know I read some where that Howard Cook was a major
      drug dealer at that time which now appears to be BS. John, Who was Cherokee?

      Once again, Bravo. That was beyond awesome.

      • John 11:34 am on October 28, 2013 Permalink | Reply

        Cherokee was one of Ron’s guys. He is featured twice in the movie. Nils knows his real name but I forgot it. I’ll ask him.

        • Brandy 8:04 pm on October 28, 2013 Permalink

          Where is Cherokee now, alive? It would be a miracle if any one from that episode were still alive & kicking.

        • John 8:10 am on October 29, 2013 Permalink

          Nils says “Lind called McCourt Titmouse Tracy. Cherokee’s real name was Larry Hershman”

        • Brandy 8:14 am on October 29, 2013 Permalink

          Oh yeah, I would have most definitely put the nickname “Cherokee” with Larry Hershman, haha. Holy crap, is he still kicking????? I’m sure he would speak up by now if he was still alive, no?

        • John 8:28 am on October 29, 2013 Permalink

          That name is too hard to search by, Brandy. He’s not currently in the California prison system. There’s a showbiz Hollywood agent guy with that name, but I doubt it’s him. Cherokee may be another lost soul in the Wonderland case, of which we know little about. I can check with Nils and see if he knows more.

        • Brandy 8:31 am on October 29, 2013 Permalink

          Yup already did the same search. You never know how people can turn themselves around but……. Let him remain in peace, if he’s alive he would have most likely been contacted for Wonderland , if he wanted.

        • criticextraordinaire 7:45 pm on October 29, 2013 Permalink

        • John 8:57 am on October 30, 2013 Permalink

          Selling drugs at the Traveler’s Inn… Sounds like some sweet digs!

        • John 9:51 am on October 30, 2013 Permalink

          The Traveler’s Inn in Vallejo. It looks pretty sweet. Present day photo:


          Here’s what a room looked like back then (from a scanned postcard), and there’s a partition as described where the accused and Cherokee’s girlfriend had a conversation, from the court document:

          Kentwig Lodge Vallejo CA

          Just sayin…

          “Shortly after entering the room and exchanging greetings, Hershman, appellant, Exxon and Hershman’s girlfriend, Cheryl Rickard, had a conversation in the rear of the room behind a partition. Exxon and Rickard were the first to emerge from behind the partition. Hershman followed and, holding a plastic bag which contained a white powdery substance, stated that he had just “scored a half ounce” and that they could consummate the sale when he found his “rig, kit,” necessary for packaging the drug.”

        • Brandy 8:38 am on October 30, 2013 Permalink

          Thank you criticextraordinaire, very cool!

      • John 11:51 am on October 28, 2013 Permalink | Reply

        Oh! and Tracy was known around certain circles as “Titmouse Tracy”. Quite demeaning, but his persona and laid back attitude brought that on. That was either a nickname by people outside the Gang, or from Lind or somebody… “Titmouse Tracy” is what some guys called him, either to his face or behind his back. I’ll ask Nils that too.

      • John 12:17 pm on October 28, 2013 Permalink | Reply

        And Ron did serve brig time for trying to smuggle back drugs from SE Asia. One article I saw after his death said 6 months. Again, more of the lost 8 minutes. Which I didn’t think would be so much awesome stuff from Nils…. but it’s proving to be. I got to everyone’s questions, except for Bobby’s. I neglected to check the blog in the final hour, as I was scrambling in the last hour to make the existing technology I had work without making a trip to Radio Shack.

        • localarts 3:55 pm on October 28, 2013 Permalink

          I think I read the same article but the author wasn’t specific as to what crime Ronnie did.
          Thanks for getting those questions answered, really appreciate all the effort you put into this. I think a Ron Launius movie is doable. Charlie Sheen clould play Launius, Sheen is damn near crazy anyway he would only need to bleach his hair. It wouldn’t take much for him to get into character!

      • John 12:30 pm on October 28, 2013 Permalink | Reply

        One more:

        A short while before the Nash hit…. from the lost 8 minutes on the Grevillius Tapes that I uploaded…after he talks about Ron allegedly doing a few killings…. there was a story about how Ron, Billy and Dave pulled a robbery on a rich businessman who had a nice house in the valley. I forgot the exact suburb… but the maid was the only one home at the time. This is where Ron got the antique guns. During the burglary, the maid was tied up and put into a bath tub. Ron wanted to shoot her, but Billy and Dave persuaded him not to. Nils found this out during his investigation. He never met Dave, but he talked extensively with his brother and with Dave’s best childhood buddy from that band, The Safaris. I guess they had the big hit “Wipeout” in the 60s. Dave must have told them a lot of good stuff.

        Those lost 8 minutes are killing me! But that is pretty much the entire story there. I think I remembered it quite well.

        • Brandy 12:08 pm on October 29, 2013 Permalink

          I just re-watched the UK documentary on John Holmes & the Wonderland murders & there’s a brief interview with Nils. Also in the very beginning is John’s brother David saying “all John wanted was cocaine, cocaine, Cocaine. Day & night, cocaine”.

        • Brandy 12:08 pm on October 29, 2013 Permalink

          That was a random, had nothing to do with anything comment, by the way.:)

      • John 12:35 pm on October 28, 2013 Permalink | Reply

        One more I remembered from the lost 8 minutes…. Damn those 8 minutes!

        A detective from Sacramento when hearing that Ron Launius had been killed: “Well, it will be an easy funeral” to which the LA cop asked “Why is that?” “Because a trash can has two handles”. I’m not sure if that remark was from Sac-town cop, Beder Clifton, who coined Launius as “the coldest person I ever met”.

        • localarts 3:26 pm on October 29, 2013 Permalink

          Beder Clifton would be one to interview if he were still alive. I’m sure Clifton had a reason
          for calling Launius “the coldest person he ever met”.

        • John 9:00 am on October 30, 2013 Permalink

          In his obit, Clifton’s daughter said her dad was a no-nonsense kind of guy, with a dry wit and whatever. He told it how it was, and so people often got the wrong impression about him, even non-criminals. That was just dad. (aka he didn’t F around!) LOL

      • Adam 6:57 pm on October 28, 2013 Permalink | Reply

        You ppl should really do your homework

        • John 8:25 am on October 29, 2013 Permalink

          Prior to Nils interview, Adam, I really did not believe that sensationalized stuff about Ron, nor did many people here. We get a bit carried away sometimes, and so I guess in the end, there’s still no direct evidence to place that label as a killer on Ron.

        • criticextraordinaire 9:09 am on October 29, 2013 Permalink

          I had done my research pretty thoroughly, and have felt for years that Ron was “the real deal”. Never had any doubt about that. Bring on that movie!!!!!

    • Brandy 11:13 am on October 28, 2013 Permalink | Reply

      Can’t wait to listen when I get home. The “Cherokee” part sure sparks my interest. His “character” was the one who brought David Lind to Ron at the party in the movie “Wonderland”. Why was he calling? Was he trying to confirm their death???

      • John 11:36 am on October 28, 2013 Permalink | Reply

        He had been calling all day, trying to score. Since someone was usually at the house, he was in panic mode. He may have been far away and without wheels to drive over there, who knows. But that was Cherokee calling and letting it ring and ring. I believe they had 2 lines at the house.

    • Brandy 1:21 pm on October 28, 2013 Permalink | Reply

      I love Michael Connelly lol!

    • Mark C 6:44 pm on October 28, 2013 Permalink | Reply

      Wow just listen tape’s, This blog just keep getting better and better.

      I wonder if Dave Lind ever Wipe Out on his mean motor bike listen to his friends song before? ..Just had to say that one.. LOL .. Dave come from his grave to hunt me up on that one if he could I bet..

    • criticextraordinaire 9:10 am on October 29, 2013 Permalink | Reply

      John, did you and Nils get to discuss if David Lind is really in the witness protection program?

      • John 9:40 am on October 29, 2013 Permalink | Reply

        No, that question was missed… but, Nils stated he’s dead and died in 1995. That said, my background check on Dave listed several addresses in NoCal and southern Oregon over the years before he died. His last address in Eureka, CA.

        • criticextraordinaire 11:56 am on October 29, 2013 Permalink

          Isn’t 1995 when the Feds started in earnest to build their RICO case?

    • localarts 2:06 pm on October 31, 2013 Permalink | Reply

      After listening to the Nils Grevillius interview again I’m leaning more to the fact Launius may very well have been a contract killer without having any direct evidence to prove it. Horace McKenna was a very, very scary guy, more so than Nash. If Ron Launius was associating with McKenna it was either drug or murder related without a doubt! City Confidential ran a very good story about Mckenna a week ago.

    • Bonnie Brae 8:04 pm on October 31, 2013 Permalink | Reply

      This link never works for me. i think it’s my computer. Damn it all.

    • Dave 12:39 am on November 1, 2013 Permalink | Reply

      Very interesting stuff. Would love to hear more about the digging Mr. Grevillius did with respect to Ron Launius and his interview(s) of Susan Launius, among other things. Thank you, John, for making this happen. And thanks to Mr. Grevillius for sharing his knowledge.

    • localarts 8:24 am on November 1, 2013 Permalink | Reply

      Yes! With regards to Wonderland, this blog has gone where no other blog has gone before. If there was an award for blog of the year, I can’t think of anyone more deserving than John’s Wonderland Blog!!

    • floppa1 12:37 pm on November 7, 2013 Permalink | Reply

      I second that. It is hard to find facts on this case these days but John has done a stellar job. Nils has a wealth of knowledge on it too. A film on Ron could be great!

    • LMNOP 6:35 am on December 28, 2013 Permalink | Reply

      Hi! I was wondering if you can clarify what really happened with Julia Densemore Oakly Negron. I didnt hear anything about it in the recording…..

      • John 10:45 am on December 28, 2013 Permalink | Reply

        I just posted the Julia Negron info about 2 weeks ago. Go to the blog homepage and scroll down a bit. Also search her name in the search box. There’s more there too!

        • LMNOP 8:57 am on December 29, 2013 Permalink

          Thanks. I knew Chris Cox in 1990-95 and never thought of asking him about wonderland. I havent talked to him in a while but maybe I will in the future now that I found out where he is!

        • John 9:19 am on January 3, 2014 Permalink

          I had him slated for a phone interview, but never got around to it. Nils Grevillius knows him too.

  • John 10:30 am on October 24, 2013 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: death tour, findadeath   

    Tonight on “E” … Hollywood Death Trip! 

    It’s also Dave Lind’s birthday today. He would have been 800 years old.

    “E! Entertainment Special Hollywood Death Trip”

    Premieres Thursday, October 24th @ 10:00 pm ET/PT

    “E! Entertainment Special Hollywood Death Trip” follows a real-life tour guided by Scott Michaels of Findadeath and Dearly Departed Tours, of high profile murders and shocking deaths that occurred in Los Angeles. The captivating E! Special unravels some of the most gruesome and notorious cases that made headlines, and takes a look at where these events actually unfolded.

    It’s Scott’s world… we just get to live in it.

    Man, I don’t know how the old school did it with that booze. I am 44 and after three beers I can barely roll outta bed the next day. Jim Beam and a pack of Marlboros. Eghhhh.

  • John 9:48 am on October 23, 2013 Permalink | Reply
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    Former Nash Attorney Now Works For LAPD 

    Of course, he does not mention Eddie Nash in his bio on the LAPD web site:

    Gerald Chaleff was appointed to the Los Angeles Police Department by Chief of Police William J. Bratton on January 13, 2003. He serves as Bureau Chief to the Chief of Police and Commanding Officer of the Consent Decree Bureau (CDB). Police Administrator Special Assistant for Constitutional Policing.

    The drug related armed robbery mentioned below and carried out by Thorson and his posse is a rather seedy affair. It was a home invasion. The drug dealer and his girlfriend were so traumatized, that they called the cops. Not many dealers do that. I read that they got beat up pretty bad. I’ll try to find the link to that story and post it. The sheer horrra… as you’re being pistol whipped by Liberace’s boy toy! Oh the humanity.

    Anyway, Edward Rucker later took over the defense from Abramson and Chaleff and won Nash an acquittal in the second trial.

    LA Times | September 23, 1988

    An attorney for former nightclub owner Adel (Eddie Nash) Nasrallah, who was charged this month in four 1981 Laurel Canyon bludgeon murders, said Thursday that she is “seriously underwhelmed” by the evidence against her client. Much of the case assembled by the district attorney’s office “seems to be based on the credibility of folks who are less than ministers of the cloth,” said attorney Leslie H. Abramson, who represents Nash along with co-counsel Gerald L. Chaleff.

    A spokesman for the district attorney’s office declined comment on Abramson’s remarks.

    Nash, 59, and his former bodyguard, Gregory DeWitt Diles, 40, have pleaded not guilty to four counts of murder and one count of attempted murder in an attack that prosecutors have said was intended to avenge an armed robbery at Nash’s Studio City home.

    The late pornographic film star John C. Holmes was acquitted of the Laurel Canyon slayings at a 1982 trial.

    The Times reported last week that the decision to file charges against Nash and Diles was based in part on new evidence provided by Scott Thorson, 29, an ex-lover of the late pianist Liberace. Thorson is in Los Angeles County Jail awaiting sentencing in connection with a 1987 drug-related armed robbery.

    LA Times | July 23, 1989

    Edward Rucker, 46, is currently defending Eddie Nash, charged in the 1981 Laurel Canyon murders for which the late porn star John Holmes was charged and acquitted. Rucker took over from Abramson and Chaleff, who handled Nash’s preliminary work. Rucker says he takes on “complicated” cases: murders, fraud and white-collar crime. Although his most prominent work was his defense of Symbionese Liberation Army member William Harris on charges of kidnaping and assault (he was convicted of assault), Rucker says his most disturbing case was a gang-rape case he lost during his 13 years as a public defender.

  • John 3:26 pm on October 22, 2013 Permalink | Reply
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    Nash Crony Tricks Woman & Then Assaults Her 

    This blog article is pretty seedy and quite sad. It deals with the assault of a young lady during the early 80s. Much like the lovely Julia Densmore-Negron who shared some of her experiences in the Wonderland realm a few weeks ago, this young lady was a Hollywood-connected girl who also has a Wonderland-related story to tell. This time it’s from a book.

    I won’t publish the book name or tell you the person because this post is not to publicize that, only that she calls out Ed’s crony. Sad, but if you want to read the entire book, I will send you the link. She was a model back in the day, and also worked in TV, and like Julia, was seen with some of the major Hollywood players and music stars of the time (and married a few). Post a note or email the blog for the link. You can read her entire book online for free. It’s a great story.

    The foreword to this part of the story is that, this man Bill Lee, had a big thing for her, would bug her around town, etc. and one night at a club or party, he tricked her by saying he cut his hand really bad and was holding a rag on it. She offered him a ride to the hospital, and once in the car, he made her drive to her home at knife-point, where he assaulted her. Sounds like a nightmare. Her book is lengthy, and I read it over the weekend but could not find the page that details that part, not that you need to see it.

    Here’s what happened next:

    The good thing about most of Nash's bro's is that they're probably all dead or in prison by now.

    The good thing about most of Nash’s bro’s is that they’re probably all dead or in prison by now.

    Cops make no sense sometimes. Best to defend yourself with a piece or die tryin'.

    Cops make no sense sometimes. Best to defend yourself with a piece or die tryin’.


    • criticextraordinaire 9:39 pm on October 22, 2013 Permalink | Reply

      She should have called the same cop that Sharon Holmes did, when she needed a dead body to disappear from her place.

      • scabiesoftherat 12:11 am on October 23, 2013 Permalink | Reply

        That’s a real scumbag…and it’s a sad indictment of the world today. When are cops gonna learn that you only call cops AFTER the smoke settles. Why can’t they wrap that around thier heads around that? I have a gun for the same reason. Ain’t no one taking me down without a fight. And I can’t really make a phone call when the dude is in my house, can I? Just so stupid….

        Hey John. What’s the title of the Julia Densmore/ Negron piece? I missed that one. That one escapes me. Thanks

    • Janice 12:25 pm on June 19, 2014 Permalink | Reply

      yes! I would loveto read her book, please send the link. Thank You and Thank you for all your hard work….can’t wait for your book!

  • John 7:24 am on October 21, 2013 Permalink | Reply
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    About The Production Of Wonderland 

    This info was gleaned from Lion Gate’s Final Press Notes, which can be found here.

    I did not know that Max the chihuahua who played Thor in the movie belonged to Holly Wiersma, one of the producers of the film.


    WONDERLAND begins after Holmes’s career was washed-up, ended by his descent into drug addiction. To support his habit, Holmes befriended a number of dealers and criminals including the underworld kingpin Eddie Nash. Holmes owed Nash a fortune and supposedly masterminded a robbery at the dealer’s house, in which his friends from Wonderland Avenue purportedly stole $250,000 dollars worth of drugs, cash and jewelry. Nash reportedly discovered Holmes involvement and forced him to squeal on his friends, resulting in their murder. But the central mystery of the Wonderland murders — what was Holmes’ exact involvement? — remains elusive and has intrigued people for years, including director James Cox and producer Holly Wiersma.

    As director Cox says, “What always interested me in this project is that its true crime which has always been a passion of mine. But this was not just a murder story. There is also a unique love story, elevating this film above noir crime and making it universal.”

    To get to the heart of this love story, Cox, Wiersma and co-screenwriter Captain Mauzner tracked down Dawn Schiller, Holmes’s teenage girlfriend at the time of the murders, and his wife Sharon Holmes, a former nurse who remained married to Holmes even after his career choice effectively ended their relationship. Both women, who were friends then and are good friends now, served as consultants on the film, spending time on the set during production, sharing their insights into Holmes’ character and the era, and painting a very different picture of Holmes than one might imagine.

    As he learned from Schiller and Holmes, “John was a real romantic,” says Val Kilmer, who plays him in the film. “He loved his girlfriend and he was still friends with his wife. He definitely was a tortured soul who did a lot of awful things to everybody, betrayed every one he knew, every dealer he ever met, but, in a strange way, he remained absolutely loyal to Dawn and Sharon.”

    Kilmer was always the filmmakers’ first choice to play Holmes. His unique way of humanizing less-than-sympathetic characters, such as Jim Morrison in THE DOORS and Doc Holliday in TOMBSTONE, seemed perfect for the role. As producer Wiersma says, “Holmes is not very likable in the script so there has to be something about him that’s charming, to explain how he was able to instill such loyalty from both Dawn and his wife, Sharon, and every time Val smiles, you see that. Without his charm, it wouldn’t
    have worked.”

    Kilmer was less than convinced, though. The sordidness of the story and Holmes’ world turned him off and, despite pleas from the filmmakers and his agent, he refused to even read the script. Finally his agent and the filmmakers cooked up a plan. They asked Kilmer to consider the smaller part of Nash. Once Kilmer read the script, he quickly changed his mind and signed on for the lead.

    The presence on set of both Schiller and Holmes was a tremendous help and inspiration to the actresses portraying them in WONDERLAND. As Kate Bosworth, who plays Dawn, says, “She wasn’t just a cracked-out girl dating John Holmes. She was an innocent in a not-so-innocent world. And she loved him deeply.” As Schiller herself remembers, “I was fifteen when I met John. I came from a not very together background and he fed a lot of the things that I needed. He was my first love and very charming — he was like a kid in many ways himself and we really connected. And though things went
    bad, I’m able today to honor some of the good memories.”

    Seeing her past relived proved to be a very cathartic experience for Schiller, now a wife and mother who is at work on a book about her life with John. From the beginning, she had been impressed by the research the filmmakers had done and their commitment to getting the story straight. Says Schiller, “I really felt that it was going to be an honest portrayal, that the truth was going to be finally told.” She also enjoyed collaborating with Kate Bosworth who “was really open to listening to what my thoughts and feelings were at the time this was all happening. She, as well as Val and Lisa, have been very sensitive in honoring the feelings we had and very committed to telling the story with respect.”

    Sharon Holmes feels that “the best thing that came out of my relationship with John is Dawn. I was mature; I can understand her falling in love with him. She got the good and the bad of John. I had the good and I chose not to have the bad.” Sharon felt that Lisa Kudrow’s tough portrayal perfectly captured the woman she was. Says Kudrow, “Sharon, John and Dawn kind of lived like this content, untraditional family for a while. He kept them very separate and sheltered from his work — and then he developed the drug problem. Sharon Holmes was very straight and when she found out John was doing porno movies she cut him off,” she explains. “The script’s depiction of her is pretty accurate, so when I met with her it confirmed what a stoic a person she is; that she has rules and a code and she does not deviate from them.”

    Despite the sordidness of the film’s milieu, Kilmer sees WONDERLAND as both an unusual romance and a morality play: “it’s quite a vivid dramatization of what happens why you try to get satisfaction exclusively from the senses. It just doesn’t work.”

    • localarts 1:09 pm on October 21, 2013 Permalink | Reply

      “Holmes owed Nash a fortune and supposedly masterminded a robbery at the dealer’s house, in which his friends from Wonderland Avenue purportedly stole $250,000 dollars worth of drugs, cash and jewelry. Nash reportedly discovered Holmes involvement and forced him to squeal on his friends, resulting in their murder. But the central mystery of the Wonderland murders — what was Holmes’ exact involvement”?

      Yeah, pretty much sum’s it up. If I remember correctly Nash began associating with Holmes in 79 via Chris Cox. I don’t believe Holmes was completly washed up at this point or at least in debt to Nash then.
      Given Schiller’s time line when she used to wait for Holmes in front of the Wonderland house and when she came back from Oregon, Holmes was a “frequent house guest” at least four to six months prior to the robbery. Unless it can be corroborated, it’s virtually impossible to believe anything Holmes said about Wonderland.

      • criticextraordinaire 5:40 pm on October 21, 2013 Permalink | Reply

        It’s hard to corroborate things ANYBODY claims to have witnessed regarding Wonderland or Johnny C.

    • Jill C. Nelson 8:04 am on October 22, 2013 Permalink | Reply

      This seems worth noting here: Speaking of Wonderland and Holmes, director Julia St. Vincent was present in court every day during Holmes’ trial and kept a daily journal. Cher Vinarde, an L.A. based long term ex of John’s (from ’73-’78 who had also taken his surname back in the day as his common-law wife) has within a treasure trove collection from her years with him, an astonishing mass of newspaper articles from the Wonderland period. Vinarde isn’t known to the public in the same way that JSV is but these two ladies have been sitting on their cache for decades and there’s potentially a lot of interesting stuff there.

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