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  • John 5:21 am on January 29, 2016 Permalink | Reply  

    Before He Made Headlines, He Made Love 

  • John 5:52 am on January 26, 2016 Permalink | Reply

    1973: Jury Indicts 4 In Lewd Movie Case 

    Not for making the movies… but for showing them. Deep Throat and Johnny Wadd are like Gone With The Wind compared to the x-rated stuff of today. The Studio Art Theater…

    “Prosecutor Brune said in the future when lewd movies are shown, grand juries will again go to the movies”. I bet they did.

    March 1, 1973

    March 1, 1973

  • John 6:01 am on January 24, 2016 Permalink | Reply
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    Attorney: Holmes Shot At Twice Since Murders 

    This AP article from June 26, 1982 “Porno Film Star Anxious to Resume Work After Acquittal” quotes John’s attorney, Mitchell Egers, who says Holmes was shot at twice since the killings. At about 6’1″ and 155 lbs at this time, the lanky Holmes would have been a hard target. If it’s true.

    Mitchell Egers was still practicing law when I interviewed him this past October. He has plans to retire soon and hopes to start work on his own book, featuring some of his most interesting cases – including Holmes. He is still busy and I found where Egers recently represented a young Hollywood actor that got into some trouble.

    Hesitant to speak to me at first, we eventually got into the finer points of the court case and the aftermath. Mitch has the only transcript of the Holmes trial that I know of; even the bloodhound Rodger Jacobs couldn’t get a copy – was told by the clerk it was lost or something like that.

    Greg Diles was in jail at the time of the trial on unrelated charges and was brought into the court, not as a witness but as an exhibit (a blunder by the prosecution). His 6-4, 300+ lb frame towered over the tiny female bailiff, and for added effect – Holmes jerked back in his chair – in view of the jury, who also seemed startled. Ron Coen’s idea had backfired, and helped Holmes case – that these hard and scary men were somehow involved. And were intimidating. That was the big “Perry Mason moment”. This was shared on the FB page, but that is gone now. I am no longer Zuckerberg’s lapdog.

    Also in October, I interviewed Pete from the old Launius family neighborhood. Photos and more to come…

    June 26, 1982 (AP)

    June 26, 1982 (AP)

    • Gayle 12:36 am on January 26, 2016 Permalink | Reply

      Picturing Greg Diles as an exhibit in the courtroom…what a site! Ha!

      • localarts 9:35 am on February 8, 2016 Permalink | Reply

        I wonder if Egers really believed Holmes was innocent? Obviously, it was his job along with Earl Hanson to defend him but behind closed doors you never know..

  • John 5:10 am on January 22, 2016 Permalink | Reply

    The Old Santa Rosa Memorial Hospital 

    David Lind passed away in 1995 at age 55. His place of death was the old Santa Rosa Community Hospital. While still there, it is abandoned and looks pretty spooky. David’s immediate cause of death was a heart attack due to days of internal bleeding due to years of drug abuse. According to the death certificate, prior to his death David last worked for a year in the printing industry as a laborer. He was married at the time of his death.

    3325 Chanate Road

    3325 Chanate Road, Sonoma County.

    • Bobby 5:20 am on January 22, 2016 Permalink | Reply

      I’m sure I remember reading somewhere on your blog that he had a kid.. was that true?

      • John 5:29 am on January 22, 2016 Permalink | Reply

        I believe had an estranged daughter from an early marriage in the 60s.

    • John 6:11 am on January 24, 2016 Permalink | Reply

      Gayle had trouble posting, but she wanted to say:
      The idea of abandoned hospitals always intrigued me…so creepy! This one especially knowing Lind died there. Too bad it’s a 5 hour drive away from me. Sonoma County is beautiful.

      Thanks G! Contrary to popular belief, Lind was never in witness protection. He was on the run, just like Tracy and Holmes…that whole paranoia… but Holmes was running from the law, not Nash. And Lind couldn’t be a real member of a biker gang. He just wasn’t cut from the same cloth as guys like that, he used intravenous drugs-which was a no-no (biker gangs have ethics?), and probably wasn’t seen as trustworthy, having failed at impressing these gangs I’m told. A true pariah even before Wonderland, he would remain one after as well. He led a nomad-like existence, estranged from even his own immediate family. Not even mentioned in his own mother’s obituary.

      • Gayle 11:00 pm on January 25, 2016 Permalink | Reply

        Thanks, I will use my computer and not my phone to leave comments.

        I never understood that mentality of ‘no IV drug use’ that the bikers have. They do far worse. I guess they do see everything else they do as being ethical…crazy!

        • John 6:11 am on January 26, 2016 Permalink

          and Holmes wasn’t mentioned in Sharon’s obit either.

        • Ken 9:29 am on January 28, 2016 Permalink

          I would imagine it wold be less a matter of ethics than a matter of them knowing that IV drug users are completely unreliable and untrustworthy.

          Imagine yourself being involved in a gang of people commiting crimes on an ongoing basis and one of your accomplises being an IV drug addict that the police could merely arrest and put through withdrawal to get him to flip on the entire gang…

        • John 5:18 am on January 29, 2016 Permalink

          Very true Ken.

    • Ken 9:34 am on January 28, 2016 Permalink | Reply

      I don’t think that Holmes was listed in his mother Mary’s obituary either when she died several years back in her 90’s..

      • localarts 2:59 pm on February 1, 2016 Permalink | Reply

        You’re right, Ken. Holmes was left out of his mothers obit. There was a discussion about it on this blog some time ago. A few of the posters seemed a little upset Holmes was never mentioned but then again, it wasn’t their family name that had to bear the shame and humiliation for his actions either.

  • John 5:42 am on January 20, 2016 Permalink | Reply
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    Nash Lawyer Involved in Carroll O’Connor Case 

    I never thought I’d feel sorry for David Letterman.

    A man walks into a bar with his pet alligator. He asks the barman, “Do you serve lawyers?”  Yes, came the reply. Okay, I’ll have a rum and coke, and a lawyer for my alligator.

    LA Times, Jan 12, 1996

    LA Times, Jan 12, 1996

  • John 3:36 am on January 19, 2016 Permalink | Reply
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    Thorson Steals New Identity From Old LA News Anchor 

    Unbelievable. There are no words really. The real Jess Marlow died in 2014. The other one sits in a Nevada prison. My new alias in witness protection will be Ted Koppel, I need to work on my hair though.

    And it's true because Brian Williams was there that night.

    And it’s true because Brian Williams was there that night.

    Former Los Angeles news anchor, Jess Marlow, died on Sunday, August, 3, 2014. He worked at KNBC and KCBS in Los Angeles and was on the air for a combined 37 years. He was 84.

    I tried to stay away but I couldn’t.


  • John 5:37 am on January 12, 2016 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: , bradley brunnon, , , ron coen   

    Eddie Nash Goes On TV – Declares Innocence 

    Suspects who turn out to be guilty (Steven Avery) usually go on television to declare their innocence. And so did one Eddie Nash. Check him out here on NBC Channel 4 in Los Angeles: New suit and tie, hair nicely styled, a face lift? What a smooth talker. All this shit will be in my book, which is titled “Angels in the Smog – The True Story of the Wonderland Murders.”  Release date: TBD.

    I am still checking email, but I have to go MIA for a while from the blog because I have stuff to do. Thanks for your support and for visiting this blog, which has over 800,000 views in 4 years. Thank you for coming here for the truth.

    The Nash - doing what all killers do - go on TV

    The Nash, using his hands a lot … a sign of guilt?  LA New Times, May 2001. NBC Channel 4 LA.

    Legend has it that when the arrest warrant was issued for him after he was caught disobeying a judge’s order during the RICO investigation (talking on an illegal phone in his house to gangsters about marijuana), he was on vacation with that wife of his in China. What a long flight back knowing you’re going to jail. Poor Eddie. I hope the in-flight movie was not Shawshank, because everyone in prison is innocent. You didn’t know that?

    Although housed at a federal jail for the RICO beef, Eddie knew the LA county jail well, as he spent two years there awaiting his murder trials of the early 1990s – He was kept separated from the general population like OJ, Todd Bridges, Menendez brothers, Richard Ramirez, etc.

    Todd was neighbors in jail with Eddie but the two could not relate, although both killers got along well. “Ed was older than me, but a really nice guy”, said Todd. Bridges is a killer who got off thanks to Johnnie Cochran. Bridges suddenly forgot what happened that day when he killed that crackhead. My God, the damage that hack lawyer did to the justice system:

    But defense attorney Johnnie Cochran argued that Bridges was so intoxicated with cocaine at the time of the incident that even if he did shoot the victim, he could not have intended to kill him. Therefore, Cochran argued, Bridges should not be convicted.

    -LA Times, Nov 4, 1989

    Back to Nash…  “he got punked around pretty good by some black guys in there, he did not have a pleasant stay” (allegedly) while serving his three year sentence at Terminal Island Federal Prison in the early 2000s for his RICO activities. Included in the indictment was John Holmes (by then deceased), and three of Nash’s arson and fraud buddies from the old days, all of whom were stumbling bumbling idiots the Nash used as buffers.

    Terminal Island is the former home of Charles Manson, Tim Leary and heroin addict & jazz singer Anita O’Day, among others (Al Capone). The exterior of the prison is also featured in a few crime movies. Don’t drop the soap.

    • Bobby 5:39 am on January 22, 2016 Permalink | Reply

      Ye-haw, great find John! Have you thought about getting NBC Channel 4 to dig up the footage for you? Don’t know the deal over there in the States but here in Oz you can get just about anything from the networks for a nominal fee. The fact that you can say you require it as research material for your book might get you a little further. Anyway, great to hear the book is coming along nicely – bravo. I like the new title but have to say I also thought the original “Chasing the Dragon” was pretty rock solid and had a very seedy/more compelling feel to it. I’m sure you have very good reasons for changing it though.. keen to find out. take care mang, Bobby PS: When will we see those new photos of Ronnie? ;-)

      • John 5:32 am on January 24, 2016 Permalink | Reply

        Thanks Bobby for the kind words. The original title was too common and too many books of all genres already have that title.

        • Gayle 12:30 am on January 26, 2016 Permalink

          I agree. I like the new title.

  • John 5:22 am on January 9, 2016 Permalink | Reply
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    Notes From Gunning For Eddie 

    Some of my notes from the 2001 article, Gunning For Eddie:

    Wonderland legend Nils Grevilius is quoted in the piece. And so is Nash’s common-law Armenian wife, Estee, even though Nash told her “No!”. And a bunch of other people, but the victims/murders are barely mentioned, and a very unflattering death photo of Richardson is published. It’s very disturbing. I don’t know why they did that.

    By the year 2001, Paul Kelly was still around but the article did not have much about him, like I had been told. Paul was a drug friend of the Wonderland gang, but also a longtime friend of Wonderland victim, William Deverell.

    Harold “Hal” Glickman went into business with Nash in the early 1960s, but now wore a greasy black toupe, fashioned a velvet Elvis painting of a scantily clad woman on the wall behind his desk, and by 2001 sported an Al Davis-like tracksuit, his neck adorned with gold chains – like some variation of a sleazy east coast wise-guy (Google “Angelo Ruggiero” I think or “Fat Ang” as he was known…. Hahaha).

    Glickman says Ed has penis surgery in the late 70s and was almost as big as Holmes, but not quite. What the hey…

    The interview with Hal alludes to Chris Cox (one of Nash’s friends) but not named, I think – but Hal’s comments are very mean, homophobic and stupid.

    When he came to America in the 1950s, Nash originally settled in Vegas, where he opened a bar, married a Lebanese woman and had a daughter. A daughter whom I am told Nash doesn’t speak to anymore. Another kid, an illegitimate son with a Hispanic woman, was murdered in 1984 while Nash sat in state prison (you will see karma play out in this story over and over again for Nash)

    Ed was the youngest of three boys, and the Nasrallahs were well-to-do, and in no way struggling or poor, which was always my belief. Sure, he owned a hot dog stand in the 1950s, but that was one of his or the family’s other small businesses. The man got around, and by the 60s he co-owned PJs Club (later Starwood) and even at that time, was known by authorities as someone who broke the rules.

    Susan Goldsmith is busy writing, does some activism = has even worked on a documentary film about mothers falsely convicted of “baby-shaking” crimes, where baby deaths are often now attributed to other infant death syndromes. Quite a few women have been freed from prison, due to Susan and her friends’ efforts.

    • localarts 1:09 pm on January 9, 2016 Permalink | Reply

      Eddie Wadd?? I bet Ronnie made Nash whip it out and show it to the rest of the gang before making him beg for his life. Just when you thought this story couldn’t get more bizarre..

      • John 2:51 am on January 19, 2016 Permalink | Reply

        How Glickman knew that is interesting. Maybe one of the infamous orgies at Dona Lola Place. I remember all the times my buddies and I saw each other nekkid, which was never! Ha. This story is nuts!!

  • John 3:41 pm on January 8, 2016 Permalink | Reply
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    Gunning For Eddie (LA New Times May 2001) 

    This arrived today. Thank you Susan Goldsmith. I’ll post some samples soon and we can discuss. I took two years of Spanish in school… maybe I could work at that place.

    Hal Glickman

    Hal Glickman

    Gunning For Eddie

    Gunning For Eddie


  • John 5:19 am on November 19, 2015 Permalink | Reply
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    Holmes Was Possessive, According To Sharon 

    At the time of their marriage in 1965, John was working as a candy processor at the Glendale “Candy Nips” factory (She told Mike Sager that he stirred vats of chocolate). Apparently, would not let Sharon meet his co-workers, and was extremely possessive – and she had to live and breathe for him alone.

    “Spent most of leisure time @ Old Zoo in Griffith Park or window shopping.” – The Old Zoo at Griffith Park.

    The public record shows Sharon living at these apartments in Glendale at the time of their marriage, which jibes with the story Sharon once told of looking out her window and seeing John pick flowers from the neighbors garden before their first date.

    Holmes had 3 lung collapses during 66-67.

    Also, if the couple had had children, we might not be talking about this at all.

    Their marriage – according to Sharon:

    From page 4 of Sharon's 9 page outline on John's life.

    From page 4 of Sharon’s 9 page outline on John’s life.

    • Gayle 11:41 pm on November 21, 2015 Permalink | Reply

      There are remnants of the old zoo still there, concrete structures and cages that housed the animals, Very eerie, but cool.

      • John 2:55 am on January 19, 2016 Permalink | Reply

        Cool. In the book the Onion Field, one of the cops early investigations included trolling the park to arrest gay guys wanting to hook up. Truly bizarre.

        • Gayle 12:24 am on January 26, 2016 Permalink

          That activity still goes on there, only it’s out in the open.

    • Jill Nelson 9:44 am on November 23, 2015 Permalink | Reply

      I’ve always found it curious Sharon claim that John was underage at the time of their marriage and that his mother had to give written consent. They were married on August 21,1965. John was 21 years of age.

    • localarts 2:48 pm on November 23, 2015 Permalink | Reply

      I thought Holmes mother had to give consent for her son to enter the army…

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