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    Photo Of Judge Everett Ricks 

    From what I have gathered, Ricks started out as an attorney in Long Beach and was a longtime member of various social and political groups, and he was no stranger to lending a hand in charity work. It’s a shame he got wrapped up in this case (Hal Glickman admitted to bribing him for Nash, “through a gay attorney”). Glickman had a way with words. Also, Ricks had been ordered by a higher court to reduce Nash’s sentence for the drug conviction, so he would have had to release him anyway. Eight years was the legal maximum sentence, but it was not the norm for drug dealers back then, more like three or four, and Nash had already served two, thus making him already eligible for parole. Ricks was no stranger to the booze and pain pills by this time in 1985, so he probably figured he’d kill two birds here, and make some money also since Nash was being so generous. Nash’s delicate sinus operation was the publicized reason for his release, and prosecutor Ron Coen compared Ricks’ decision to an unwanted prostate exam. That’s pretty funny. Nash sort of got away with bribing others, but when Glickman tried it in the late Seventies in an attempt to get his friend’s kid probation in a cocaine bust, it landed Hal’s ass in prison for a while.

    Here’s Everett during the 1970s. He passed away in 1993.


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    March 1981: The Starwood Is Ruining The Hood 

    The club closed, re-opened and then closed again a few times in 1980-81 due to noise, litter and underage drinking complaints by citizens and cops. Trouble had started brewing in about 1976. The club was closed for good in June, 1981.


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      Those damn punk rockers! Always ruining it for all.

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    The Starwood Menu 

    The web site which hosted these images is no longer around, so I am posting these here for anyone interested. The food is named after bands of course. I am surprised to see that the band 707 was a Starwood staple. They had a couple of good, minor rock radio hits in the early 80’s, i.e., You might recall “Megaforce” sung by the great Kevin Chalfant.



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      The Starwood had great ‘Fear’ fries ūüôā and the club really enforced that ‘Two drink minimum’ policy! It only pertained when a well known band was headlining.

      • John 1:48 pm on January 10, 2017 Permalink | Reply

        Yes, and with Eddie as owner, I’m sure it was decent bar food all around. I don’t think that gastro-expert Ed would have let them serve slop to people, even though most of his cash at the Starwood was probably made from alcohol sales.

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      What are fear fries ? Is that something regional

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    Eddie Nash Goes On TV – Declares Innocence 

    Suspects who turn out to be¬†guilty (Steven Avery) usually¬†go on television to declare their innocence. And so did one Eddie Nash. Check him out here on NBC Channel 4 in Los Angeles: New suit and tie, hair nicely styled, a face lift? What a smooth talker. All this shit will be in my book, which is titled “Angels in the Smog – The True Story of the Wonderland Murders.” ¬†Release date: TBD.

    I am still checking email, but I have to go MIA for a while from the blog because I have stuff to do. Thanks for your support and for visiting this blog, which has over 800,000 views in 4 years. Thank you for coming here for the truth.

    The Nash - doing what all killers do - go on TV

    The Nash, using his hands a lot … a sign of guilt? ¬†LA New Times, May 2001. NBC Channel 4 LA.

    Legend has it that when the arrest warrant was issued for him after he was caught disobeying a judge’s order during the RICO investigation (talking on an illegal phone in his house to gangsters about marijuana), he was on vacation with that wife of his in China. What a long flight back knowing you’re going to jail. Poor Eddie. I hope the in-flight movie was not Shawshank, because everyone in prison is innocent. You didn’t know that?

    Although housed at a federal jail for the RICO beef, Eddie knew the LA county jail well, as he spent two years there awaiting his murder trials of the early 1990s – He was kept separated from the general population like OJ, Todd Bridges, Menendez brothers, Richard Ramirez, etc.

    Todd was neighbors in jail with Eddie but the two could not relate, although both killers got along well. “Ed was older than me, but a really nice guy”, said Todd. Bridges is a killer who got off thanks to Johnnie Cochran. Bridges¬†suddenly forgot what happened that day when he killed that crackhead. My God, the damage that hack lawyer did to the justice system:

    But defense attorney Johnnie Cochran argued that Bridges was so intoxicated with cocaine at the time of the incident that even if he did shoot the victim, he could not have intended to kill him. Therefore, Cochran argued, Bridges should not be convicted.

    -LA Times, Nov 4, 1989

    Back to Nash…¬†¬†“he got punked around pretty good by some black guys in there, he did not have a pleasant stay” (allegedly) while serving his three year sentence at Terminal Island Federal Prison in the early 2000s for his RICO activities. Included in the indictment was John Holmes (by then deceased), and three of Nash’s arson and fraud buddies from the old days, all of whom were stumbling bumbling idiots the Nash used as buffers.

    Terminal Island is the former home of Charles Manson, Tim Leary and heroin addict &¬†jazz singer Anita O’Day, among others (Al Capone). The exterior of the prison is also featured in a few crime movies. Don’t drop the soap.

    • Bobby 5:39 am on January 22, 2016 Permalink | Reply

      Ye-haw, great find John! Have you¬†thought about getting NBC Channel 4 to dig up the footage for you? Don’t know the deal over there in the States but here in Oz you can get just about anything from the networks for a nominal fee. The fact that you can say you require it as research material for your book might get you a little further. Anyway, great to hear the book is coming along nicely – bravo. I like the new title but have to say I also thought the original “Chasing the Dragon” was pretty rock solid and had a very seedy/more compelling feel to it. I’m sure you have very good reasons for changing it though.. keen to find out. take care mang, Bobby PS: When will we see those new photos of Ronnie? ūüėČ

      • John 5:32 am on January 24, 2016 Permalink | Reply

        Thanks Bobby for the kind words. The original title was too common and too many books of all genres already have that title.

        • Gayle 12:30 am on January 26, 2016 Permalink

          I agree. I like the new title.

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    Gunning For Eddie (LA New Times May 2001) 

    This arrived today. Thank you Susan Goldsmith. I’ll post some samples soon and we can discuss. I took two years of Spanish in school… maybe I could work at that place.

    Hal Glickman

    Hal Glickman

    Gunning For Eddie

    Gunning For Eddie


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    Ali Baba's In North Hollywood 

    Street addresses get re-numbered over time, whatever they call that process, so I think Ali Baba’s was at this spot, rather than the mini-mart right down there with Subway (present day street address). Maybe Ali Baba’s was down there though, I don’t know but will find out.

    Also, an interesting tidbit. When Holmes was released from protective custody after the murders and refusing to turn state’s evidence, detective Tom Lange gave¬†John a ride to the Lankershim impound lot to pick up the Chevy Malibu, which was about nine miles from¬†Ali Baba’s. Just more useless trivia for you ¬†ūüėČ

    Ali Baba's building?

    Ali Baba’s building?



    • Gayle 2:41 am on November 9, 2015 Permalink | Reply

      I searched for more info on Ali Baba’s. I could not find anything either. It’s so frustrating when there is not a single thing that comes up. I had never heard of it before, but sounds like it was an interesting place. That photo you posted is of a Mexican restaurant in the shoddy part of NoHo, but it’s a great inexpensive place to eat. I’ll see if I can find out if it was the location of Ali Baba’s the next time I eat there.

      • John 7:42 am on November 9, 2015 Permalink | Reply

        Thanks Gayle. Yes, I find that the best food spots are usually the unknown mom and pop places.

      • Gayle 12:26 am on January 26, 2016 Permalink | Reply

        The last time I was there, I asked around…no one knew what I was talking about.

      • Kamala Almanzar 12:12 am on March 11, 2016 Permalink | Reply

        I worked at Ali Baba’s owned by Eddie Nash. It was on Sunset Blvd in Hollywood. I was a belly dancer in the late 70s, early 80s there. Looks like someone shared my blog below

        • John 11:39 am on March 14, 2016 Permalink

          You’re welcome Kimdance. It sounds awesome. If you have any Eddie Nash stories, if any you want to share, please email me at wonderland1981blog@gmail.com. I am writing a book about the Wonderland murders and Eddie is a key player. Thanks again.


    • Bruce Hallett 7:28 am on November 9, 2015 Permalink | Reply

      This is so interesting to me. I, first started to show an interest in the Wonderland Murders after seeing the E True Hollywood Story. Then I saw the movie Wonderlnd, ever since then I have been fascinated with the case. Thanks for having this blog, I look forward to your posts.

      • John 7:42 am on November 9, 2015 Permalink | Reply

        Thanks Bruce, me too obviously ha! – and there’s more to come!

        • localarts 2:12 pm on March 15, 2016 Permalink

          With tax season around the corner, I got to thinking. I wonder how much Eddie actually paid out in federal income tax? With all his various business ventures, I’d say most of it was done in cash. I could easily see one of his employee’s leaving the Starwood with a grocery bag full of cash headed to Dona Lola.

        • John 11:39 am on March 16, 2016 Permalink

          Lots of ways to cut corners when you take in cash as payment and no true money trail.

    • localarts 9:08 pm on March 16, 2016 Permalink | Reply

      Yep. I would say most everything he did was cash. I’ve always thought it would have been cool for Eddie to have a yard sale while he was still residing at Dona Lola. With all the personal artifacts he held as collateral for drug debts, it would have been like a shopping emporium in that little cul de sac! I can see Diles standing there with a cigar box full of money ready to make change when a customer needed to break a 50 or 100 dollar bill…

    • localarts 8:48 am on March 17, 2016 Permalink | Reply

      Yep. I’d say 95% of everything he did was cash.

      • localarts 1:43 pm on March 17, 2016 Permalink | Reply

        Always thought it would have been cool for Eddie to have a yard sale while still residing at Dona Lola. With all the personal artifacts he held as collateral for drug debts, it would have been a shopping emporium. I could see Diles standing there with a cigar box full of money ready to make change for someone who needed to break a 50 or 100 dollar bill.. I can just see those antique Colts glissining in the sun as they sat on one of those fold-out tables in the front yard. It would have been a specticle no doubt.

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    Belly Dancer Describes Atmosphere @ Nash's Club "Ali Baba's" 

    Kamala Almanzar, a professional bellydancer based in Los Angeles shares no holds barred memories, opinions & gossip of her 35 year dance career. http://www.kamaladance.com All photos belong to her.

    Ali Baba’s… it sounds terrible but I still want to go. I am trying to get in touch with Kamala, if you have info on this old club-restaurant, please post in the comments. Thanks.

    Ali Babas in Hollywood

    Here are some photos of Kamala on the dance floor and of the band performing at Ali Baba’s:

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    R&B Musician Describes Atmosphere Inside Eddie’s “Soul’d Out” Club 

    Funk, soul and jazz musician Fred Wesley played with many of the great acts of the sixties and seventies. In his book “Hit Me, Fred” he relives what it was like in the seventies at Eddie Nash’s “Soul’d Out Club”:

    The Soul’d Out was on Sunset Boulevard in the heart of Hollywood … the club was much like any other nightclub in the world … it smelled of smoke and beer and perfume … and was crowded with sweaty people laughing and chatting … but this club was in Hollywood … the women were all extremely beautiful model types, and the guys were all TV-type hip dudes. Everyone was dressed in the latest fashions. It was obvious that the guys were on the prowl for girls and the girls were definitely setting traps for the guys … people were drinking and smoking and making frequent trips in and out of the front door and in and out of the bathrooms giving away the drug action that was also happening … the jukebox was playing classic R&B and everybody was dancing. The black people were dancing very well, as usual, and the white people, as usual, were enthusiastically doing the best that they could … Actually, I did notice that the white people were dancing unusually¬†well. Everybody seemed to know everybody. To my surprise, there wasn’t even a hint of racial recognition … it was ¬†fun, relaxed, homey atmosphere.

    I wanna go!

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    Repost – The Starwood and Gary Fontenot 

    I know the blog has 600 posts and it’s hard to browse everything. There are some new¬†readers¬†here and maybe they have not seen this yet. This is from Gary’s brother, Patrick. The questions are mine, with help from readers here at the blog. Thanks.

    Gary was originally from a small town in western Louisiana. He headed out west to pursue his dreams and unlike so many others, he was a success. Gary was a good man and a fine club manager. He was often at odds with Eddie, over business and other things.¬†Read on….

    Did you ever visit your brother at his house in Studio City during the 70s or 80s?  Did you meet any showbiz types?

    My family and I visited Gary as often as possible on the weekends when he lived in West Hollywood…”Studio City”???…I am not that familiar with Los Angeles and that area…but Gary lived in a rather nice little place that was pretty much walking distance to Sunset Blvd and it did not seem like it was a far drive from the Starwood.¬† I do not remember the street name.¬† He lived there with his friend Michael and Michael I believe was a nurse…doing private work if I recall.¬† They had been friends for some time.¬† I would also take some of my military friends to Gary’s home on Friday nights so they could experience the nightclub life at the Starwood.¬† He would give us the VIP treatment everytime we would visit.

    What exactly happened to Gary at the end of his life? Was he really living in central America? Retired?

    When things began to go downhill for Gary he decided to move to Honduras.¬† He actually drove there with some kid that I believe was from that area were they settled.¬† Gary opened his own place down there and seemed to be happy…always inviting me to visit.¬† However, by nature of my military job, I had to be very careful.¬† Gary experienced an attempted robbery one evening when closing and was shot in the stomach.¬† I don’t think he ever recovered, although his cause of death was attributed to prostate cancer.¬† My brother Dale, flew down to Honduras several times to visit Gary and the last time he flew down was to ensure Gary received a proper burial.

    Did Gary ever discuss Eddie Nash, who was his boss at the Starwood?

    Gary did in fact talk a little about Nash.¬† Lot of times it was in anger, however many times I believe the tone was respect.¬† Nash would provide Gary with new cars which Gary loved…he did like showing off a little.¬† I remember the last car given to Gary by Nash was a brand new Cadillac…we would drive to the Starwood in it and employees of the Starwood would jump in the car to park it when they recognized Gary in the car.

    What did Gary do for a living right after the Starwood closed?

    After the Starwood, Gary was not the same.¬† He moved into an apartment complex and dabbled a little in real estate…but was unemployed a lot of the time;although he would never tell me.¬† When at the Starwood, he was in control and afterward he seemed to lose that feeling.¬† The apartment complex was nothing fancy…about the only thing I remember about it was a visitor that came by one day while I was there.¬† Gary introduced him as an ex-FBI individual.¬† I assumed he was because he was carrying a gun.¬† They did not talk about anything specific and I guessed they had been acquaintances from way back.

    Did your brother ever tell you that his house was shot up by a dealer with a machine gun? He was looking for the soundman of the Starwood, who owed him some money? Gary allegedly let the soundman, Dom Fragomeli, stay at his house in Studio City for a few weeks in 1981.

    In 1981 I left California for Texas.¬† I don’t think Gary was living in the original home when I first got to California.¬† I am thinking he was still living in the apartment complex…is that what you meant as far as “home”.¬† Gary barely mentioned that happening…we would talk by phone…He did not go into detail.¬† But, knowing Gary, it would not surprise me that he had allowed someone to stay in his home.¬† He was just that type of person.¬† I believe he left California shortly after that incident.¬† Keep in mind, the Nash thing, the Starwood, coupled by him losing a lot of money in the stock market…Gary needed a change.¬† He had a hate/love relationship with California.¬† As a small town boy, Los Angeles and the Hollywood scene took its toll on Gary.¬† He was apparently good at what he did, managing nightclubs, but did rub elbows with some questionable people.

    Hope this helps…as you think of questions, let me know and I will answer them the best I can.¬† Will try and dig up some photos of Gary.¬† You would really need to know where and how he grew up to understand the personal conflict he had with the whole Hollywood scene…

    Have a great day.

    • Gen 1%er 11:17 am on October 13, 2015 Permalink | Reply

      Ron Launius was forever altered by being in the shit for no telling how many years. He came back to Fayetteville where SF were located and Doc Mac was the Doc for SF. He saw Ron’s track marks and went to confront some people.

      Ron was hooked and he was likely one of a group of people that tipped the local dealers. Ron may have been there that night Doc Mac’s family was slaughtered. God knows MP’s had every reason to fuck up the crime scene as they received a cut for every bit of #3 and #4 that Lucas got in through Fayetteville and Columbus through the false bottom coffins.

      Ronnie was a spook, and that is how he got away with a lot of shit when he got out. If you look for pictures of Barry Seal during the early Mena AR years- Ronnie is two shots. When that damn Wonderland mssg board was up, a lot of the good things about Ronnie got excised from Google News archive and the search engines. Paper is a bitch though- if you look hard enough, Ronnie was a decent fella. He had no aspirations to be a biker or AB. David was solely somebody from the joint who could provide H out of Mexico or Canada.

      Lind’s sole connection to an MC was really the Straight Satans. When he got back out of one of his stays in Cali Corrections, they were no longer an existing patch. Some were involved with the Satans Slaves out of LA and the SFV. Slave Louie was killed by a Straight Satan who became a Mongol- that killed Lind’s chance of ever becoming an 81 member. Lind was pushing dope for a Mongol and fucking a massage parlor girl who was fucking an 81 and a Mongol- that bitch kicked off 40 years of war. Lind wanted to be 81 but he couldn’t meet the no needle rule that was virtually national by this time, he was in tight with a couple of LA Mongols for a dope connection and he provided them girls for LA massage parlors- brothels. AMPs werern’t a thing til post Ed Meese.

      Lind was an associate and crime partner to Michael Thompson of the AB. Lind was never accepted by the AB council as an associate- Hulk hated him, hated his poser bullshit, hated his attitude, hated his smuggling in IV drugs and rigs through his Massage Parlor girls.

      Lind also fucked up when he took and fucked up the Margo Compton hit. It was an open fact where she was in Dago before they moved her out of state. The AB had some problems with her testifying as her ol’ man who beat on her, was AB. The 81 had crossed the AB by having Latino and Phillipino members and then they got involved with Margo.

      No 81 wanted her dead. The AB did. Michael Thompson farmed it out to Lind and Lind nodded off and she was gone. The AB followed her mail and her killed. The ATF wanted the 81 brother more than any of the AB at the time, as the AB did not have a strong street gang presence.

      If this gets posted, I’ll provide more.

      “Butterfly” was no different to Lind than any of his other massage girls. That was not the love of his life. Clean #4 cut with Fentanyl was the love of his life. Period.

      I have more. I tried to leave a dead drop number to wonderland81 at gmail.com but received no call or response, so if this isn’t published- fuck it.

      • John 8:40 am on October 15, 2015 Permalink | Reply

        Thanks rebel, please tell us more. I did receive your other email, but please email me. I was holding on to the goods because it was something that I needed for Barb’s background story. What can you tell me about her ex-husband Walter? Email me and thanks.

      • Gayle 3:35 am on November 9, 2015 Permalink | Reply

        Fascinating!! It’s interesting to read about their association with the MC’s. I did not know about Lind’s involvement with the Straight Satan’s.

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    More From Jerry Vann’s Book… 

    Jerry is quite a character, obviously. You can read more by ordering his book here at Amazon.

    It was easy back then (late 70s/early 80s) to use stolen credit cards, because there was no swiper machine or computers. This was one of their biggest scams it appears. The clerk ran carbons of the card, the old fashioned way. On big ticket items like jewelry, they may call the credit company, but if the stolen card was fresh and not yet reported, it was all clear to buy stuff with.

    Again, Greg is Jerry’s friend (it’s not Greg Diles) and Tony is Nash underling, Anthony Mudarris. The Nash attorney, Mr. Blaish, is still around LA doing business… from a few Google searches.



    In the following scene, Jerry and Greg had been nailed at a mall using stolen credit cards to buy a watch. They tried to make a run for it but were caught, since they were both out of shape. Jerry was also in trouble at this time because he had been arrested for firing a gun in the air or towards D.A. investigators who had been watching him.

    Famous bail bondsman, Hal Glickman, also makes a cameo. Hal is deceased (about 10 years I believe). His wife, Dottie, who allegedly picked up Holmes that night, died of breast cancer on New Year’s Eve in 1997. Their son, who later took over the family bail biz, has not yet responded to my emails and FB messages requesting¬†an interview.

    In the end, in my opinion, Nash had money and connections, he could even order a hit if he wanted. But he was really just a wealthy coke-head, pulling extracurricular scams, arsons and frauds for quick cash. He chased women day and night. To me, Nash was a slick wiseguy who used others to insulate himself from the crimes. Pure Nash.


    • Miranda 3:45 pm on August 19, 2014 Permalink | Reply

      To those of you who think you are strange, I must also be! I find true crime interesting. I read up on different cases and this is one I have read into some about the dynamics of persons involved. Crazy how different they were yet drugs brought them all together. I have heard before that if you do drugs or get into the drug culture you will find others who are on the same track.

    • Stacey Jane Lind Ferraro 7:38 pm on August 27, 2014 Permalink | Reply

      Only the picture on the far right is David Clay Lind I should know he is my dad.I was looking for pictures of him too and can not find any youg ones but I saw him from ’92 to 94 .

      • John 10:12 am on September 2, 2014 Permalink | Reply

        Hi Stacey,

        Thanks for visiting the blog. I am John. I am writing a book about the Wonderland Murders.

        I would like to interview you sometime about your dad. Very little is known about him. I have only found what little I know about him thru background checks, and they can be erroneous sometimes.

        Please email me back! wonderland1981blog at gmail.com


        • Hymie 3:34 pm on September 6, 2014 Permalink

          What would you like to know?

      • Anon4Now 8:33 am on September 6, 2014 Permalink | Reply

        There was a Cassie Lind who used to post on another board. I found out later that board wasn’t a Lions Gate board though the posters there claimed it was. Who knows, but the Sacramento detectives that worked Lind and other of his contemporary paid informants caused much havoc with their type of police “tactics.”

        Problems with this type of police work is the perps are really the victims and it’s really impossible for them to ever escape the system. The snitches that they turn out eventually are disenchanted, too, but for them it’s all too late.

        If you’re really one of Lind’s daughters, you should remember a couple of his Sacramento friends. Brad, maybe?

        • John 12:48 pm on September 8, 2014 Permalink

          Thanks Anon. I am writing a chapter for the book about the use of police informants in the 1970s. It was a different era, and like vice cops today, informants and snitches were an important part of their investigation, however sketchy… legally… those tactics are….

      • Pepe 4:25 pm on September 6, 2014 Permalink | Reply

        Were you visiting in Santa Rosa?

    • localarts 8:27 pm on September 3, 2014 Permalink | Reply

      Lee Meriwether was beyond hot!

      • criticextraordinaire 5:48 am on September 9, 2014 Permalink | Reply

        Ms. Meriwether is still hot.

        • Bobby 8:19 am on September 12, 2014 Permalink

          I believe they call that ‘prunetang’.

        • criticextraordinaire 7:41 pm on September 17, 2014 Permalink

          I’d still hit it…

    • localarts 12:13 pm on September 12, 2014 Permalink | Reply


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